College student

Yes today I was one of those mothers…

that is burning up from embarassment and you just know that everyone is watching you and thinking you are a bad mom. Today started off with taking my husband breakfast because I am such a loving and caring wife after all, I mean how many wives (the ones that stay at home) now days will get the kids Read More »»

From First Ballet Shoes to Final pair of Pointe shoes

I was digging through boxes in the garage to find old dance shoes and costumes (I get a little nostalgic sometimes). I came across my very first pair of ballet shoes for a photo contest I am doing. To think that for 15 years of my life it revolved around plies and fouettes is just funny. I am sure Read More »»

KC aI rap take 2

Yep the next round was rap! I must say it looks like I have a future in rapping. Bringing it back the old school..Kris Kross' Jump Jump Read More »»

Who doesn’t love the Florida sunshine?

I know for sure my family and I do and obviously we are not the only ones. Tons of families relocate for Florida every year, unfortunately I am not one of them yet. However I do know we are planning on moving sometime in the near future and when we do it will be nice to have a realtor already Read More »»

Bret Michaels chooses wisely????

To think I was not giving this 40 something year old rocker the credit he deserved, he isn't just about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. He may actually have a few brain cells left after the years of partying. So one of my favorite reality shows is...which not only starred the lovely and infamous Bret Read More »»

Open Season

Nope not talking about the movie, today was opening day for turkey season. Those who know me well know that I married a hunting man. Now this is not my can of beans but he loves it so I get excited for him. I have heard about it for the last few weeks how excited he is. He reminded me of a kid Read More »»

Last minute…

"the time just preceding a deadline or when some decisive action must be taken" Yes this is the lovely way to describe the game Gabriel has tonight. He had a game on Wednesday night and I am still trying to figure out why they let it go on as long as it did, we watched it lightening 5 different Read More »»

Less than 80 days now!!!!!!!!!

Until I am in toasty Pensacola Beach, Florida. I miss my home so much, once a year is just not enough beach time for someone who lived on the beach the first 22 years of her life! Not much to say this morning, I am just getting ready for P90X class which happened to kick my butt last week but I am Read More »»

Do you ever wonder what to do with hairbows…

that you have for your little girl? I know I do, my little girls has so many hairbows and aside from throwing them in a drawer to eventually get smushed (yes i said it and no it is not a typo). Well I have come across the perfect solution, not only is it a way to get those bows out of the drawer, Read More »»

Fate has smiled on me yet again as I get nostalgic..

When I was a teeny bopper girl, I had but one love, and that love would be none other than.....So to have heard rumors starting in January, mom can atest, I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for something concrete to come out. All the while I reminisce about the concert I went to, and Read More »»

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