Happy Birthday To My Amazing Hubby

This man is truly the best man. I wanted to take a moment to just wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband AKA my sexy beast!! Technically, it was yesterday but we were busy doing all the birthday things. I surprised him with a birthday night out with some of our closest friends..and managed to actually surprise him. I am THE WORST at keeping surprises a secret! This man is now the same number Read More »»

7 Fun Date Night In Ideas

Thanks to ProFlowers for the perfect date night in decor and dessert. The roses were beautiful and the strawberries and cheesecake were absolutely delish! All thoughts and opinions are my own! When you say the word date night, it's usually assumed it means heading out of the house with your significant other. That doesn't always have to be the case, in fact sometimes a date night in is a Read More »»

Pray For Your Husband, Why It’s Important To Keep Him Under God’s Covering

When God gave me my husband, he truly gave me a blessing beyond more than I would ever have thought to ask for. It's funny how God knows what's best for us, even when we don't. Because I treasure this amazing man I have, I want to make sure to keep him covered in prayer and truthfully prayer is something that is lacking in so many marriages. In fact, let's just get real for a minute before I Read More »»

Love Letter To My Husband On Our 13th Anniversary

  My love, today marks 13 years since I had the extraordinary blessing of becoming your wife. Thirteen years, can you believe it! The funny thing is it doesn't even seem like it's been that long.  As we celebrate our 13th anniversary I wanted to write a letter to you to express as best I can how much you mean to me! To My Husband: 13 years ago I was gearing up to become your wife; I Read More »»

Unplanned Moments Make The Best Memories + $50 Gift Card Giveaway #GoodandHonest #Ad

Some of life's unplanned moments bring the biggest smiles and best memories. As you can see, when my kids were younger, there were plenty of unplanned moments that usually ended in big messes. However, the laughs and smiles that came from those moments were worth every minute of the un-planning! Unplanned moments can be fun but sometimes they are scary, take for instance the time I found my Read More »»

The Best of Me Movie Is Perfect For Enjoying A Date Night In #BestofMeInsiders #BestofValentine

Most couples go out for Valentine's Day, but we decided to make it a date night in! What's better than spending time with the one you love, enjoying dinner and wine, watching a romantic movie and getting to cuddle...Not much in my opinion. Thanks to receiving a copy of "The Best of Me" and a Pizza Hut Gift Certificate, and challenged to have a #BestofValentine evening, we were ready to enjoy a Read More »»