We Mustache You….How Do You Like Your Coffee? #DunkinMugUp

I have to say my daughter and I pull off the fun mustache pretty darn good. Fun, that's the key for us.  Whether it's wearing funny mustaches and taking pictures or just laughing and having a great time, we like to have fun.  Same goes for my coffee. I don't like plain, boring coffee, I like coffee with style.  Thanks to the Bakery Series™, Dunkin Donuts offers, I have a lot more fun with Read More »»

Twerking, 3 Golden Sisters Style #Humor

Okay so twerking is not something you will catch me doing.  At least not until I am a senior citizen like the 3 Golden Sisters. Let me tell you, I have loved these ladies since I saw them quite some time ago.  They are funny and raw and I, honestly, hope to have the kind of fun they seem to have when I am their age.  One of the most recent videos they were conversing about Miley Cyrus and Read More »»

How Many More Days Until School Starts??

It's not like I am ready to work in peace again or anything.  I will totally miss the fights between them, the whining I've heard.  I am not at all excited for them to go back to school.....Okay, honestly, I will miss their sweet faces, but this summer has been one full of indoors due to stupid rain all.summer.long!  I am ready to have a little peace while I work and for them to go Read More »»

Best Duck Dynasty Quotes

When I first heard about Duck Dynasty from several friends and my husband, I had no interest at all in watching it. I immediately thought it was going to be in the same alley as the hunting and fishing shows he likes to watch and that easily put me to sleep. Oh how wrong I was, following the Duck Commander gentlemen, this is one show that is keeping my attention. One evening, as I was working on Read More »»

Cottonelle “Name It” Contest Results & Final Thoughts

A few weeks ago I had a fun giveaway, Cottonelle Care Routine, where readers got to share their clean routine name ideas. Check out some of the hysterical and creative names, you, my readers came up with! Gentle Breeze, Wipes Away, Clean Cheeks Clean Queen, Potty Paper, Butt Really, Happy End-ings I was seriously giggling at some of the names but had to say some of them definitely fit for Read More »»

Singing Bloggers Present “The 12 Days of Blogging”

It had been a year, it was time! To round up some Singing Bloggers that is! I had so much fun, last year, putting together Santa Baby, that I put the call out for the fearless who would lend their voice again this year. I am so excited to have some great friends from around the web join me again this year for not one, but two, singing blogger projects. It all started with the idea to do another Read More »»