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Just a little of the real me…Friday Foto Post

It's time again for Carrie's awesome Foto Friday.This is just to show a little of the real me. Yes it's with no makeup and yes how I look (crazy) is a pretty good assesment of how I act! This picture was taken for The Kiddie clique blog for a scavenger hunt that was going on. Yes I have no shame Read More »»

Missiko : Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

Fix Your Bad Hair Day Troubles It’s every girl’s nightmare to wake up in the morning when your alarm didn’t go off, you’re running late, and to top it all off, you are having a bad hair day. You have a few options: cry and fall back into bed under the blanket, attempt to fool everyone and Read More »»

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

Thanks to the brilliant mind of Carrie it's that time again (and I get an excuse to be lazy about using my brain to blog something interesting LOL. My pics for this week are sentimental moments with the family in Florida (I found this fitting since we are leaving tonight to go visit).In this first Read More »»

Beachin It: Priceless

I know this lack of posting today disappoints my wonderfully faithful readers! I really do apologize and it won't be much better (unless I motivate myself to go schedule some posts tomorrow, hmm yeah don't hold your breath) until after I get back from vacation. You see I am one of those people who Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday

What better way to bond than licking the spoons after brownie baking. For the whole story with words head over to 2boys1princess Read More »»

Saturday was my lovely husbands class reunion

and it had a wonderful turnout! There was about twentish people there out of a class of about 30! So a big majority of his class was there. Now my class had a graduating group of 200 + and I think my husband still had more show up to his reunion. Yep Gulf Breeze High was a very spirited school, Read More »»

Biopsy results…

Man that was super fast! I got my results in and all is fine!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord! Thank you to every single one of you who had faith with me and prayed for me, it really touches my heart to know that those who don't know me in person care just as much as the people that do.It was called a Read More »»

Back home and down off my high

Well they took me back to get my vitals and all and gave me the valium and then they took me to a very romantically lit room (I guess they do that since they are messing with your breast, they want to put you in the mood hahaha) so then the nice little lady nurse excused herself to go tinkle, the Read More »»

1:00 appointment today, I think I will be sick

So today is the big needle biopsy appointment and I am not looking forward to it at all! I am not so much worried about the outcome because I feel like everything will be fine but it's the needle I am worried about. Luckily they offer a sedative if I would like one, is what the lady told me when Read More »»

Dear Lord, grant me

patience because if you don't I fear I will lose it and possibly have to commit myself!Let's see today my kids have hit each other,talked back to me,smarted off to me,pulled each others hair,threw their food across the room,drew on the doors,splashed the bath water all over the bathroom,thought it Read More »»

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