Layaway Is Back at Walmart

Starting today Walmart is bringing back layaway! We used to us their layaway program every holiday season, then they got rid of it and I came to appreciate Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Layaway was great because you could pick out the items you wanted (especially if you didn’t want to fight the Black Friday crowds) and pick it up a few weeks before Christmas. We paid a little each week and then paid the balance off at pick up. No storing it at home where, if my kids are like me, could find the presents and know what was coming.

Though they did used to offer it on Black Friday, brining back layaway comes without that this year.  But for the other days from now until December 16 (aka pick up day) you can layaway to your little hearts content.

A few points to remember about Layaway at Walmart this year:

  • You can layaway items from toys, electronics & jewelry (please see jewelry for specific information on layaway terms)
  • Layaway items must be $15 or more, with the purchase total being at least $50
  • 10% down required with a service charge of $5.00 in addition to your pre-charge total
  • Layaway is only for IN stores, no online layaway…sorry folks
  • Starts today, October 17 2011 and must be picked up by December 16 2011, paying final balance at pickup (you might consider going before that last day as I am sure it’s likely to be crazy).
  • You will take your layaway items to the pick up area of the store and that is where you will pick up as well.
  • If you decide not to get the items you have put on layaway there will be the mentioned $5.00 fee as well as a $10.00 cancellation fee (so be sure to know you are gonna get the items or you are paying Walmart $15.00, though these may vary by state so check with your local store)
  • Excludes sporting goods, kitchen/home appliances, & wireless phones that require contacts.
  • Please check your local store for more information and other terms
Unfortunately Walmart layaway is pretty limited and there are other stores offering layaway so no worries, Walmart is not your only option.

So do you have any items you will be putting on layaway at Walmart, or will you be waiting to make sure the items you are eyeing aren’t on sale on Black Friday?  I’ll be hitting Black Friday myself, I just love Black Friday!!!
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    hairstyles for girls

    I had almost forgotten about layaway! I’m betting this will be quite popular this year.

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    WalMart is the latest in stores bringing back – or starting layaway! Its a sign of our economy! I bet more stores will follow suit!