You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out (Jib Jab Video)

I love Jib Jab, it's by far one of my most favorite things to play around with. Although I admit I hadn't been over there in a while I did go over today to mess around with the Elf Yourself videos. However I found oh so much more. I have been over there for quite some time but today I just bought Read More »»

Toni’s Random Thoughts

So I thought I would share some random thoughts that have been going through my head, because I know you all really want to know what goes on inside there.  You do, don't ya?? Don't say I didn't warn ya, some of the things that pass through my head may make you scratch and shake your head at Read More »»

Dear Santa:

Dear Santa: This is my Christmas as a 30 year old and for 10 years I have let my kids have all the Christmas wishes but this year it's my turn. So now I share with you all the things I want under my tree this year.  It's not much just a little couture jeans here and celebrity there. You're Santa Read More »»

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Yesterday as I was changing my middle child Aidan walked into the room.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting on my bra.   He happened to walk in right as I was getting it on and he goes "Ninny's" . Let me back peddle a bit. When he and his sister were both nursing that is what the Read More »»

Rappin With Toni

Hey Hey, it's yours truly T to the O N I here in the hizzouse.  So I like to twap...tweet rap, tweet a rap in 140 characters or less.  And I got some awesome groupies fans out of my infamous twaps.  Okay so this is so not a serious post, I can't sing (and I am fixing to do a duet with Telling Read More »»

Blogtiquette Lesson: Thou Shalt Grow UP

Hey everyone, it's yours truly Teacher Toni, with this installment of your Blogtiquette Lesson. All in good fun of course, I get bored easily so I thought it's time for a life blog lesson. Growing up is hard to do but sometimes when that man or woman reaches late 20's early 30's I feel like some Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Comedy

Let me begin by telling you what a big dummy this blogger is, me, this one right here! I was messing with my code trying to install the code for the numbering comments, well somehow all my widget/sidebar stuff got all screwy and it erased my sitemeter (blogpatrol and statcounter were fine just in a Read More »»

Husbandless and alone with kids for 90 (or more) hours straight

I am thinking these will be my new best friends come Sunday midnight, let me introduce to Ms. Dai Quiri and Mr. Xan Ax You see my husband left today to go on a hunting excursion leaving me with all 3 kids until sometime in the middle of the night Sunday when he will return home and I am Read More »»

This is hilarious….tag you’re it….

I saw this over at Random Thoughts and though I am gonna do this for Sunday, let's see what all these answers say about me Rules: Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box and then write the first definition it gives you! (this is not kid friendly so Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Comedy: Momisms

Hey girls and guys! So my friend Debbie, sent me this book titled Momisms and I have been cracking up reading it. It is written by Cathy Hamilton. I highly suggest going out and buying this cute book. Basically the whole book is full of phrases moms use and give the hidden (or not so hidden Read More »»

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