A Daily Dose of Comedy

So it's Saturday and I am on the road to Texas so I being the smart woman that I sometimes am, scheduled a post just in case I can't talk hubby into letting me take the laptop to blog my trip. So it's of course time for Google Searches that bring you to A Daily Dose of Toni. Brought to you by the Read More »»

In keeping with the nostalgic

I thought you all would love to see me perform my rendition of I Love Rock and Roll (which by the way my kids know the words to, yes I am training them right to love 80's music). This was for the American Idol competition we had over at The Kiddie Clique a few months ago. Sadly enough I took Read More »»

Nutrition Facts on packages confuse me..

I was getting ready to pop some pop corn, Pop Secret to be precise, and I decided to look at the nutrition facts well it has 2 different colums. One for 1 cups (a serving size) of popped popcorn and the other for 2 tbsp (a serving size) of..... UNPOPPED POPCORN! Now that brings me to wonder, who in Read More »»

Open Season

Nope not talking about the movie, today was opening day for turkey season. Those who know me well know that I married a hunting man. Now this is not my can of beans but he loves it so I get excited for him. I have heard about it for the last few weeks how excited he is. He reminded me of a kid Read More »»

Black Friday, Mission Accomplished (and a poem)

Yep, I was one of the crazies this year. I always vowed not to get up before daylight to go to the store where they are having all the great sales. Usually, I casually stroll in around 10 a.m and pick through and find what I need. However this year, the thrill overtook me LOL. I tossed and turned Read More »»

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