Things My Daughter Says, Episode 1

My daughter asked me to come eat lunch with her one day last week (I let her pick one day each week for me to do that).  So we set down and were eating and there were 4 other little girls at the table we were at.  They all of course are having their little girl silly conversations and then of course get serious.  It’s a joy in and of itself just to sit and listen to them talk.  So as lunch is winding down my daughter stands up and very seriously (and loudly) asks….


At this moment my failure as a mom to teach her humility and how to be humble kicked in but I also realized that girl power starts in kindergarten because all the little girls at that table (and me of course) hands shot up and said Me.  I thought that was bonding at it’s best, you have my back and say I am pretty and I will return the favor when you ask.  Much better than being mean and tearing each other down.

Someone on twitter told me that having a little girl think she is pretty amidst all the body image issues girls have today might not be such a bad thing anyways.  There definitely could be worse things for her to yell out I guess.  And really she is pretty so she was just asking people to confirm the truth right?

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    Toni……She is absolutley Adorable, she reminds me of you when you were little. 🙂

  2. 2

    Omgosh. I would have laughed my butt off and AFTER I composed myself might have died right there in my seat. But you’re right, it’s so nice to see self confidence and togetherness in girls at school.

    Oh, and the funny thing is I can TOTALLY see you with your perky smile swiftly raise your hand in a perfect posture. *sigh* I miss you.