Things My Daughter Says Episode 3: Thank You Grandma

The week before Christmas my mom, sisters, Bella and myself went to go spend some time with my family in Alabama.  A little background about my family there, they are Italian so cussing is a part of their vocabulary.  I am used to it but Bella isn’t so anytime one of them said a “bad word” she would go “UMMMMM you said a bad word“.  With eyes as big as saucers and hands over her mouth of course.  You know Bella it’s all about the dramatics.

Anyways, we were sitting at the kitchen table eating our hundredth bowl of pasta (I just can’t get enough of the stuff when I am there).  My grandma says A**.  Cue Bella dramatics!  So then my grandma proceeds to tell Bella it’s okay to say JackA** and when she gets mad at someone to call them that.  Here I am cracking up because every time the A word is said Bella is overreacting.  My grandma (Maw is what I call her just so you know) tells her that means donkey.  So I then say “Donkey isn’t a bad word that’s an animal” when she asks.  What I didn’t know is the little wheels in her head were turning and figuring out something that well made complete sense to her.   I assume it went something like this in her head…

Maw said A** and that’s a bad word, but she said JackA** isn’t a bad word because it means donkey.  Mommy wouldn’t be happy if I used the word A** at all in my talking but she said donkey isn’t a bad word

Which lead to this situation the next morning.

We were sitting at the table eating breakfast and my grandma is at the sink.  She is talking to Bella then Bella ever so innocently says to Maw….

Get your donkey over here”  Cue Bella reaction from Mommy.  I about died.  This child doesn’t miss a beat and to figure out how to use the “good” word in a bad way well that’s Bella.  I couldn’t help but laugh (probably not the best reaction) and after gaining my composure told her that is not the correct way to use the word donkey.  It’s an animal and that’s the way it should be used.

Sigh, what am I going to do with this girl!

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    Oh Bella….Oh Toni! Aren’t you glad we have blogs? To document these cute, cute, unforgettable ROTFPeeingMyPants moments? Thank you so much for this today. For reminding me what motherhood is all about and that I do not go through these things alone! I love you Toni!