When The Baby Goes to College: I’m Not Ready…But, oh, How Ready She Is

I look at my sweet girl, and I can't help but see the sweet little face from this picture in my mind. She will always be my baby, but today she embarks on a whole new chapter and as ready as she is, I am not sure I am quite as prepared. The day I thought would take forever to get here, arrived much faster than I thought possible. We have moved this sweet girl into the dorm she will call Read More »»

When The Writing Stopped

I have never been one to be all caught up in SEO or making sure my blog posts land on googles front page...well, let me restate I never wanted to be all about that but for a time I was. I started blogging simply as a way to share my life, my thoughts, my travels, things I love, etc. Then somewhere along the way it got to be all about ranking high on the google index, making sure my keywords were Read More »»

This Is How I Fight My Battles

I have a post coming, soon, sharing my word(s) of the year. I've been mulling over what I wanted to write as my first blog post for 2023 and I thought my word of the year post would be the one to start off the year, but I just felt like it wasn't quite right. Not that it is a bad post to start with, I mean it does fit with my self-growth for the year, but I just had a little nagging feeling there Read More »»

A New Chapter…Bootcamp Here He Comes

Yesterday was one that was full of every emotion one could possibly experience. Our oldest son left for the USMC bootcamp. It will be roughly 13 weeks until we see him (89 days to be exact from the original date this post was written). The emotions went from being proud, to worry, to sadness, to happiness, to fear, to excitement...when I say I have gone through every single emotion in such a short Read More »»

The First Holiday Season Without You

Dear Mom, Thanksgiving is here...with Christmas following shortly behind. This was always a time of excitement as we got ready for the holidays and hosting friends and family at your house. I can see so clearly, in my mind, the happiness on your face and you hurrying around to get this and that done, usually not finishing until it was time to actually start eating. I imagine you Read More »»

My First Birthday Without You

Today is a day that I would usually wake up excited and ready to celebrate myself because it's my birthday. But today I woke up and had tears streaming down my face as I lay in bed, not wanting to be awake. Wishing I could just skip over this day because today is my first birthday without you Mom. For the last 40 years, I have woken up knowing you would likely be the first person to call me and Read More »»