Gabriel warming up before basketball

This is his first year playing basketball. I must say I have a little all american boy. He is very talented with all the sports he plays. I will post more videos of him as I load them. Read More »»

Gabriel At Little Dribblers

Unfortunately this video has been deleted from photobucket. You'll just have to take my word for it when I say my son, Gabriel was super good at his Little Dribblers. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for fun videos and photos of my kids! Read More »»

Daddy With Scissors = The Little Dutch Boy

Okay, I must explain before you read the whole blog, Aidan my four-year-old is terrified of haircuts even if Daddy or I do it.  Last time I cut it, was because he was ready! So I was waiting for him to be ready again, which if he gets long hair no big deal.  I mean Ryder Hudson has long hair so why Read More »»

Happy Birthday Gabriel

Today my big boy is eight years old! I can't believe how fast time goes. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms as a tiny infant. Spike, as some of my Florida friends call him,(he had super spiky hair when he was little) is growing up on me. He used to play with blocks and now he Read More »»

Halloween was fun!

This year Halloween was so much fun because Bella was finally old enough to understand and have a good time trick or treating. We told the kids what to say when someone opened the door (trick or treat), and I got so tickled at Aidan; he did well for the first two houses. Then he got so excited, I Read More »»

Yep, Yep It’s About That Time Again, Florida Bound….

In exactly four days, I will load my crew up, and we are Florida bound. We will drive all night and get there Saturday morning. Okay, so when I say we, I mean my husband will drive all night while we all sleep (yes it is a hard life for me I know). When we get there we are going to my favorite Thai Read More »»

1 year, 364 days until it’s my Birthday…….

I turn 30! Yep I am 28 today and for some odd reason this birthday has been a bummer, I don't like this age at all. Hmm, I wonder why. You never can tell how a birthday is going to affect you until it comes but I knew from almost my 27th birthday that 28 was going to be not so good. I wonder if Read More »»

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