Faith Talk With Toni: Trusting Gods Through Frustrations

Trusting God through frustration isn't always easy.  Here is what He laid on my heart, this morning, to share with you! Will you trust him through the frustrations? Just imagine how much we will grow if we can trust Him even when things aren't going the way we thought or hoped they would! I Read More »»

Dangerous Prayers Book Review, Are You Ready To Pray Dangerously?

There are times I have been at a loss when it comes to sitting down and praying specifically.  Now, I know God loves anytime we spend with Him and he loves to love on us whether we know what to pray or not.  There are times I can flow freely in my prayer time and I know I have a great prayer life Read More »»

How You Can Help Build A Dream #GivingBack

This building, is the place we like to call “The Palm Tree Church”. Now, technically that’s not the name of it, it has a sign with the name of the previous organization on it.  However,  we are believing and have faith that soon that sign will say “Destination Church of Navarre” My mom, who is Read More »»

All Sons & Daughters LIVE CD+DVD Deluxe Edition Giveaway- 2 Winners

All Sons & Daughters, the worship duo composed of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, continue to inspire audiences with their acoustic, folk aesthetic and lyrics that focus squarely on Jesus while embracing the tension of the Christian walk. The Franklin, Tennessee-based worshipers will take their Read More »»

Grace Unplugged Book Review and Giveaway

Products featured have been provided for review and giveaway purposes. Recently I had the chance to check out Grace Unplugged, a book that I felt spoke volumes to me because the story of Grace Trey is one I can say I have experienced myself.  Not only is this book coming out September 1, but the Read More »»

Standing Strong, Even When It May Not Be Easy

There are times in life when you have to choose what you will stand up for. Sometimes that might be on behalf of another, other times it might be for yourself. Making your point doesn't mean the other person is wrong, but what they are asking of you isn't right for you. Recently I had to do that Read More »»

Somedays All It Takes Is Seeing The Sunrise

  You never thought you could save your sanity before the day even starts, did you?  Growing up on and near a beach for most of my life one of the things I live for are seeing the sunrise and sunsets along the coast.  That moment in the morning before everyone gets up.  I can drive over to the Read More »»

Happy New Year!!! Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!

Happy New Year from A Daily Dose of Toni! 2012 was a year of ups and downs but it was a year that I grew.   Here are a few things that stood out, for me, in  2012: I learned what Pinterest Is Really Good For! I made it through life's storms. My daughter tried to talk me into doing her Read More »»

When You Don’t Know The Why

You don't always get an answer for why things happen. That is what makes going through some things almost unbearable. I am a christian, I know God has a plan. I know there is a reason for everything even if I, personally, don't know that reason. Last night I sat in the ER with my husband, as he Read More »»

Christy Nockels “Into The Glorious” Releases Today (4/3/2012)

I have some wonderful characteristics, some that I am proud to have be a part of who I am. Unfortunately more often than not, in the past, waiting (or patience) was not a strong suit for me. Funny how God can change that in a life situation. Growing up I was a christian and I had faith but how Read More »»

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