It’s Time to Be Like Onesiphorus, Let’s Refresh Others!


You might be asking who in the world is Onesiphorus, and you are not alone. Onesiphorus is one of the people you will meet if you read the Bible, but unless you take the time to read Paul’s entire story you may miss this person who we can learn from.

Who is Onesiphorus??


Onesiphorus met Paul when he (Paul) went to prison and subsequently became a friend to him. In 2 Timothy 1: 16 Paul says “May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains” Onesiphorus didn’t judge Paul for being in chains, he was a friend to him when everyone else had deserted him.

What a lesson to be learned from him! If we only took the time to visit our friend while they were in prison, who knows what kind of difference that would make! While you might be thinking, ” Um as in going to visit someone in an actual prison?” While that would be great,  I am talking about the prisons people live in every day.

Too often we sit back and watch people as they suffer in their day to day life prisons. I am speaking about individuals who are living in despair from the loss of a child or because of a marriage that has fallen apart. Or a prison of depression, when a person is just trying to get through their day. What about a prison of anxiety, when someone is unable o get out of the moment of fear they are experiencing?

We should be taking the time to refresh those who need refreshing, visiting with those who may have dropped off the radar, comforting those who need to feel safe. We need to take time to look for those friends who need us, like Onesiphorus did. He searched for Paul until he found him in prison, of all places. I definitely want that kind of  friend in my life and that’s the kind of friend I hope to be to those around me.

It’s easy to wait for a convenient opportunity, but it usually means the most when it’s not so convenient for us. I don’t know about you, but I want to be more like Onesiphorus and refreshing those around me! I want to be someone who is a friend to the ones who are in their own prisons, the one who reaches out when someone needs it.

I pray that God will help me become more like Onesiphorus, to be a friend, to be someone who notices when another needs comfort. Is there someone in your life, today, that you could be like Onesiphorus to? Someone who could be refreshed because you took the time to reach out.

Pray and ask God to open the door for you to be a refresher to someone today!

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