Fashion Talk: A Touch Of Gold Screams Spring

Spring is in the air! Well actually here in Florida I think we pretty much went straight from summer back to spring with this crazy warm winter we had. With the "official" spring lurking around the corner I am thinking we will be seeing lots of bright colors, after all bright colors make you think Read More »»

Skin Care Lessons With My Soon To Be Teen. X Out Test Drive

Having a boy who is right around the corner from becoming a teen one of the things I think is extremely important to reiterate is hygiene. Teeth, body, face it's important to teach them the importance of a clean body. Sure it's something we have taught through the years but now is that crucial time Read More »»

It’s Valentine’s Day…I See Red Fashion

Red, Red and more red.  Here are some fashion things I love this Valentine's Day. Seeing Red by tonipatton featuring antique jewelry So are you wearing read today? Read More »»

Hi Ho, Hi Ho A Lighter I Will Go..It Was Time Folks

That is the look I have had for the past 1 year and 5 months, which in Toni hair dying length is EONS..  So, today it was time to lighten up.  A fresh look for 2012, when possibilities are all I need. Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: The Haircut

It was time to cut it for several reasons. It looks so much healthier now. Have a great Wednesday! Read More »»

Friday Favorites: M.A.C. Lipglass

It's Friday and I am starting something new in the new year. If you want to join in please do, it's so much fun learning what other people love. I am going to post "Friday Favorites" each week. I hope to vlog it every week but that will depend on time I have of course. Very simply, it's a post to Read More »»

Proactiv 365. 30 Days To Better Skin?

Recently I had the chance to try Proactiv 365 for 30 days. I've always seen the commercials and heard friends rave about it but never really went out of my way to pick it up. I have always been amazed at the results they show and wondered does it really work that well. Read More »»

Sometimes It’s Okay To Go Nude

Nude, buff, blush (if you add a tinge of pink), the color of the season for me....Nude and all that it encompasses. This fall dare to go nude! In color that is. A lot of people think Blah when they think of nude, not me, I think of possibilities. Read More »»

Mom Who Gave Daughter Botox Is Being Investigated

No question about it, Kerry Campbell will definitely be to blame if her daughter grows up to have insecurities and self-esteem issues after starting her on botox at the age of 8.  As I mentioned in this post my heart breaks for this little girl and is angered over the selfishness of her mom.  I was Read More »»

8 Year Old Gets Botox!!!!!!!!!!!! Moms Do It For Pageants

I am almost speechless. And that is precisely how I feel, the look on my face says it all when I watched this video: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! If a child needs it for nerve/muscle conditions that is one thing but for a child with no medical need for this getting botox is angering! I have always been Read More »»

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