For My Momma, My Hero

I just was listening to this song and I wanted to say I love you to my mom and let her know I know all she has done for me and there were so many times in my life she stood in the shadow so I could shine. And she really is everything I wish I could be, she helped me soar and for that I will love her Read More »»

It must have been pure adrenaline…

That had me going up until now. Shopping for everyone I had so much energy but now that I am finally through I feel like I could sleep for days. I guess that is the thing about the holiday season, you go on pure adrenaline, then just crash. On a brighter note, I went to the store today and got Read More »»

Christmas songs!!!!!!!!!

So I figured I needed to add another Christmas song for you to enjoy. What better one than Blue Christmas sung by hottie rocker Bon Jovi. Yes I have a huge crush on him! Read More »»


Update (3/23/16)Yes, this photo is gone, it was before my wordpress days and all my photos were on Photobucket, which has been long gone, so that means those photos *sniff* are gone too! Just use your imagination :) Okay obviously you can see by my picture on the right what it was before, well I Read More »»

The Great Christmas Show – Oh Holy Night – IL Divo

Can we say the greasted Christmas song sung ever? Il Divo's voices just make me shiver, they sing so beautifully. This song and Ave Maria are my 2 favorites from their Christmas album. If you don't have it you really should get it. Such a beautiful singing group (both looks and voices LOL). Of Read More »»

Gabriel warming up before basketball

This is his first year playing basketball. I must say I have a little all american boy. He is very talented with all the sports he plays. I will post more videos of him as I load them. Read More »»

Gabriel At Little Dribblers

Unfortunately this video has been deleted from photobucket. You'll just have to take my word for it when I say my son, Gabriel was super good at his Little Dribblers. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for fun videos and photos of my kids! Read More »»

Now it’s my turn, what celebrities do you resemble?

Here are the top celebrities I match (yes this is with my blonde hair b/c my dark hair wouldnt' work the picture has to be fully frontal): And here is my celebrity morph (one can dream right) LOL, this site is so cool! %1 Read More »»

Daddy With Scissors = The Little Dutch Boy

Okay, I must explain before you read the whole blog, Aidan my four-year-old is terrified of haircuts even if Daddy or I do it.  Last time I cut it, was because he was ready! So I was waiting for him to be ready again, which if he gets long hair no big deal.  I mean Ryder Hudson has long hair so why Read More »»

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

So we have had our tree up for over a week now and let me tell you the kids were so excited when we put it up. It makes it feel like Christmas (well the cold weather for the last few weeks has helped too, but that is another post). Gabriel had to pose in front of the tree b/c he was so proud that he Read More »»

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