Things My Daughter Says Episode 4

My daughter has been cracking me up the last few days and so I figured if I get a laugh so might you.

Money Talk
B: “Mom I need a dollar
Me: “I don’t have a dollar
B: “But You can have all my savings if you’ll give me a dollar“….it was 6 cents.

Next conversation was all about love:
B: “Mom, I love *certain boys name goes here* (let me interject to say she has loved this boy for a year now…that’s a vlog post coming soon) 100%!
Me: “You do, that much huh!
B: “Yes, I do. I love you and dad 109% though
*Ahhh at least I still outrank the love of her life.

It’s Time for School Fundraisers and my daughter brought home the form and prize page which tells how many items you have to sell to get that prize:
B: “Mom I really want one of these” (pointing to a twisty pencil)
Me: “Well okay let’s see how many you have to sell to get that
So hubby looks at it and says you have to sell 6 items. She walks off. A few minutes later she comes in with an arm full of toys.
B: “Okay here are the 6 things I want to sell
It was so cute and made me almost say I would buy 6 of the dang coupon books myself…until I remembered they were 12.00 each. I’ll go buy the twisty pencil myself.

Kids crack me up man! Β This girl is the one that gives me a giggle with the things she comes up with.

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  1. 1

    So cute. Kids really do say the darnedest things.

    • 2

      Keonte’ she’s a mess LOL. I really need to keep a diary of all this because it’s daily and I never think to write it down.

  2. 3

    That’s Bella! Too cute!!

  3. 5

    She sounds like a total hoot!

  4. 7

    I am totally cracking up at the last one. She actually went and found things to sell! That is awesome…and I think I even let out a big “awwww”. I hope she gets her twisty pencil πŸ™

    • 8

      I know I actually teared up…yes I am sappy like that πŸ™‚ It was so super sweet. Oh she’ll get her twisty pencil one way or another momma will make sure of that.

  5. 9

    Awwww – the 109% is adorable! I miss my kids being young enough to say stuff like that. “Mom, can I have the car tonight?” just isn’t the same thing.

  6. 11

    That’s pretty cute! I love that she tried to trade 6 cents for a dollar. LOL

  7. 13

    Too cute! My daughter is 14 and you can’t even imagine what comes out of her mouth and her ways to swindle money from us. Its amazing and scary at the same time! LOL!

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  10. 16

    That’s too cute!!

  11. 17

    omg I love that she was going to sell her own stuff!!!

  12. 18

    Those are so cute!

  13. 20

    LOL I love that she wanted to sell her own 6 items. Too cute!

  14. 21

    Hilarious! She seems to be quite the negotiator – who wouldn’t want to trade 6 cents for $1? Haha!