An AWARD for me!!!!

They like me they really, really like me! Thank you to Miss Blondie for presenting me with this wonderful award, I am so touched and excited and now I must prepare my speech. To all my readers without whom this award would not be possible. To my stalkers who give me good stories to write about Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Fun

Still a big kid at heart I am: Read More »»

Mid-week blog shout out

Time to get your read on! Let's finish out this week with some interesting (to me at least) reads!It's time to party over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess, learn how to throw an eco friendly party and a little giveaway to go with it!Get a laugh from a guest blogger over at Don't Try this at Home. Read Read More »»

Look at me ma I am the poster child for static!

Aidan sliding!

Day of the Living Dead

is playing in my house today. I am the star! I was up from 1-4 a.m. this morning, does my body not realize that my days of living it up until 6 a.m. have been long gone. What in the world did I need to be up for those 3 hours, I kept asking my body. I almost came on here and blogged but common Read More »»

Lord in heaven above hear my prayer…I need this camera!

The girls at Sits are doing it again during their Six Weeks of Summer Giveaway. I didnt' have the chance to enter for the target cards due to vacation (hmm I really needed the prize they are giving away now then!) but congrats to the winners. However this week I know the contest Gods will hear me Read More »»

New Kids On The Block – Summertime

Well it's Saturday morning so not much to share as far as stories go, I am sure there will be more later. But as a tribute to the men I will be spending my evening with exactly 3 months from today I thought it would be fun to have a music morning.So enjoy the hotties otherwise known as New Kids on Read More »»

Well, well, it came today

Yes, as my sister in law said to me in a text message, via her Apple iPhone™ I was tracking this thing like a pround parent. I ordered it on Monday and they told me I would have it within 10 days well like a day after that they were having to tell people 21 days! So personally I was dying inside Read More »»

Who wins the dummy of the year blog award???

That would be yours truly here.So, I wanted to have buttons under my blogroll button instead of the link names but I was annoyed b/c there was so much space between each button and I could not get it fixed. Well that's because the ever bright,oh so brilliant one that I am, was adding a new html box Read More »»

Okay I know some of you kindly added my button

while I was "under construction" and I will gladly return the favor, please leave a comment in this post letting me know you added me so I can head to your house and grab your button! And if you dont' have my button yet, take it and show me some love and let me know you did and I will do the same Read More »»

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