Day 16: Let's Talk Crazy

Today is Day 16 and it's Crazy Talk. Today we are sharing who we do crazy stuff with and/or some of the craziest things we have done. First person that comes to mind is my mom, I mean she and I have jumped off a bridge together and that probably ranks up there as one of the craziest things I have Read More »»

Spam Makes Me Giggle.

All I can say is thank goodness for Akismet.  That plugin does an amazing job with spam comments and I love that I can go in and with one click delete the hundreds of spam awaiting me each morning.  Though I do usually scroll through because for some reason every now and then a legit comment is in Read More »»

Kid Funny, I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

So my husband and I had a date night with our oldest son, on Sunday night.  We took him to his favorite place to eat and then headed to Walmart.  While driving we got on the subject of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I don't even remember what sparked the conversation.  So Gabriel was asking us Read More »»

How Do You Say That Vlog Hop 6! *Toni In Florida*

Once again it's time for Mama Dweeb's "How Do You Say That?" vlog hop. This is so fun, I look forward to doing it each week, well unless like this week I look like a dummy because my brain stops working. Ahh, this is truly unedited and that's why you all love me LOL. If this is your first time Read More »»

Addicted To Social Media!!! Gotta Share! A Must Watch!

I saw this and was cracking up because, well it is funny and pretty accurate. My life resembles this song pretty closely and I venture to say if you are involved in social media in anyway, yours does too. So watch this video by Improv Everywhere Gotta Share (there is probably an ad before the Read More »»

How Do You Say That Vlog # 5! Toni (Florida) Style

It's the fun time again when Mama Dweeb hosts the "How Do You Say That" dialect vlog hop. These are so fun and I just love getting to hear the accents of others. If you want to join in this weeks record yourself saying the words and answering the questions (below my video) and post it on your Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Girls Only???

It's not the best quality picture because I had to have my son capture it going down the road. But it made me giggle (yes I am immature sometimes). Maybe it's a girls only place *snicker*. Okay Okay stopping now. Link up your WW posts in the linky and don't forget to comment, it's the proper Read More »»

How Do You Say That Vlog Hop #4? Toni Style!

It's time for How Do You Say That vlog hop with Mama Dweeb! It's a fun time for people from all over to "showcase" their accents. A fun way to connect with others and see the people behind the blog. I don't really know what my accent is (I still say I don't have one), I was born in Alabama, Read More »»

How Do You Say That Toni Style…

A few weeks ago MamaDweeb started the "How do you say" meme and I had mine all recorded then never put it up *shame on me*. So today I had mine recorded again and almost decided not to put it up since it was so late in the day but I can't allow myself to fail again LOL. Besides it's a fun vlog. Read More »»

Made it to Staten Island

Here are some shots along the way today. My cousin and I headed from Pensacola to Charlotte. Next stop Newark!! Crazy cousins Flight entertainment. It's never a dull moment with myself and my family.  We are the ultimate travel companions, well unless you want quiet, but if you want fun, Read More »»

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