Things My Daughter Says….

You never can tell what she is going to say. Today after school she came in and had to sit down to homework. She had a moment of not wanting to do it and then came up with this solution... Read More »»

Hi Ho, Hi Ho A Lighter I Will Go..It Was Time Folks

That is the look I have had for the past 1 year and 5 months, which in Toni hair dying length is EONS..  So, today it was time to lighten up.  A fresh look for 2012, when possibilities are all I need. Read More »»

Because THIS Is What Pinterest Is REALLY Good For

There is so much to learn on Pinterest. You can get new recipes, get new crafts, get decorating ideas. I mean really the ideas are endless. I have seen so many things I want to try. I have seen dream homes, princess beds, fashion to die for. The possibilites are non-stop and yours truly put some of Read More »»

Just Call Me The Last Fire Bender. Disney and Universal…Here I Come!

It's freezing here on the world's whitest beaches. Beaches and freezing do not go together well. However it has turned me into an indoor pyromaniac. Not because I like to, by official definition play with fire, but rather I am loving being able to brag and say I made the house warm just like hubby Read More »»

I’ll Get Right On That Mr…Who Are You?

Today's giggle comes courtesy of a Mr. Michael Austin who sent the following email: Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says Episode 4

My daughter has been cracking me up the last few days and so I figured if I get a laugh so might you. Read More »»

I Was Such A Girl Just Now & I Can Be A Cry Baby If I Want

In the last twenty minutes here is a run down of what I did. Read More »»

Day 28: What’s In Your Bag?

It's Day 28 of the "30 Days About Me" fun we are having. Today is very simple, What's In Your Bag? For us ladies it can be your purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack,etc. For the men share what's in your computer bag, backpack or if you carry a purse that's cool too :) Read More »»

You Know You’re Italian When….

You know you're Italian when

Why I Will Never Be A Wine Connoisseur…

So today I am bringing out my inner Julia Child and attacking her Beouf Bourguignon. Yes, yes I watched the Julie & Julia movie and now want to cook every recipe in Julia's book. Well minus the meat jello looking thing. I have made asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce and Julia's bruschetta as well. Read More »»

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