There’s Nothing Like An Honest Toddler

I love when I find a new something fun to read.  You just need those blogs or tweeters that make you laugh or giggle.  I came across @HonestToddler on twitter and was laughing so much I had to head over to his blog to see what else was in store.  I mean really...check out these tweets and tell me Read More »»

Kid Funnies

My daughter is such a little character and is always doing something I feel I need to share. I figure everyone can use a good laugh and it's a great way for me to document the good times. So today I wanted to share a few of the funnies she has done lately... Story 1: We went to eat at Royal Read More »»

So True, So True

*Snicker*

Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh

Sometimes you just need a good laugh to keep life in perspective.  So today I am sharing with you some of the ECards that made me giggle: Read More »»

Speak, Cook, And Dance Like A True Lad or Lass #BraveCarsLandEvent

In just a few short days, 6 to be exact, I will be headed to California and getting out of this rainy weather we are having here in "sunny" Florida. As if that isn't enough I mentioned, I will be headed to screen 3 movies, attend a red carpet premiere, do some celeb interviews, check out the new Read More »»

YouTube Finds: Is Math Really That Difficult?

I love YouTube. I am always finding videos that make me laugh, cry, sing so I figured why not share some of my favorite YouTube finds with you from time to time. I came across this video this morning and got so close to peeing my pants. I couldn't not laugh at this and kind of felt bad I was Read More »»

Why My Daughter Wants To Go To Texas!

As we were driving to gymnastics the other day my daughter and I were talking. Well, she was talking and I was getting a word in here or there. She has a lot to say 90% of the day. I swear she was born part energizer bunny. As we were driving we have a conversation that goes a little something (or a Read More »»

I Obviously Inspired Justin Timberlake With My Mad Rapping Skills

Okay so a few years ago I was part of a mom's forum and we had our on American Idol contest.  Now I will be the first to say I can't carry a tune but I entered anyways because I am all for making a fool of myself.  Heck my kids got so used to it they would run around in their underwear paying me no Read More »»

I.Almost.Died…In A Good Way, Sort of

I live in bikini central and the weather is getting warmer. I can't letting the jello belly and muffin top back come out to play now. I have to don a cute bathing suit and I can't be comfortable in the bathing suit I want to wear while I am jiggling and wiggling in places that shouldn't.  Sure, Read More »»

Understanding Men, Sometimes It’s Not So Easy.

They always say women are hard to understand.  Now, I've never claimed to be an expert on my husband when it comes to certain things. I mean really, who can explain this: Definitely behavior that can't be explained wouldn't you say. Okay, seriously, that was Christmas Day and I was lucky enough Read More »»

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