It’s Time To Can My Salsa And A Canning Kit Giveaway (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

I LOVE SALSA. I mean I could eat it for days on end and never get tired of it. In fact I have shared my "kick butt" salsa recipe before. The problem is when I make it, even when I half it makes A LOT. Which meant it it over a few days or it goes bad. Salsa going bad is a travesty. I mean look at Read More »»

Pure Yumminess With McCormick This Spring

McCormick is a brand you can find easily in our home. Whether we are using lemon pepper seasoning for making out of this world fish or the food dye to make pretty icing, McCormick products are a staple in our house. Something else (new to me) has made me have a little bit more of a crush on the Read More »»

Football Party Foods: The Dips

It's that time of the year where football playoffs are in full swing. College ball has ended and NFL is headed toward the Superbowl. One thing is for sure, divided or not on the teams we can all agree the games require some good food. When I am watching the game I get so worked up I need some fuel Read More »»

Christmas Chex Mix Step By Step, In Photos

If you recall, I shared the recipe my grandmother gave me for Christmas Chex Mix and promised I would share photos when I got them. Today my kids and I made a half batch so here are the photos of the process. For full recipe please see post linked above! Read More »»

Guest Post from Penelope’s Oasis. Christmas Brittle Recipe!

The holidays are a fun time of year, as well as a tasty one, and I make some of my favorite dishes for my family for Christmas. I'm going to share one of my favorite holiday recipes today on my friend Toni's blog (and for more great Christmas recipes, visit my site Penelope's Oasis). One of my Read More »»

Christmas Chex Mix

Today I am sharing with you a recipe my grandmother gave to me. It's one I make every holiday. Why I haven't posted it until now is beyond me. I think it's because I make it and eat it and get into a sugary stupor. So this year I am sharing it before I make it, hence the no photos. I'll be sure to Read More »»

Caramel Fun: Turtle Style & Butterfinger Style Caramel Apples

Recently the kids and I made some yummy, outside of the normal toppings, caramel apples. I loved the simplicity of these and to be completely honest, they were divine. Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Salsa 101

Now I never claimed to be Betty Crocker, though I will say I can make some pretty tasty cupcakes...then again anything with frosting on it is bound to taste good right? However I will brag on a skill only I have, that's right no one else has this skill. Okay so that's pushing it but I can make a Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

I haven't share recipes in a few weeks so I thought this morning I would share a mushroom appetizer I love.  Whenever I go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden I ALWAYS get the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer.  So delicious!  Well I wanted to be able to make some mushroom appetizers at home so I Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Salsa, Salad & Margarita’s

Well hello from Florida!  I am enjoying time with my friends, family and the beach of course here in Florida.  I thought since I am on vacation I would share some "vacation" recipes.  What makes a vacation recipe, just a dish that screams "escape" to me or tropical.  So I have salsa, salad and a Read More »»

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