Quick and Easy Snacking For Active Families #GreatStarts

I like to have a good for you, quick snacks readily available for my family and it seems I am not the only one who feels that way. Before I share my favorite quick and easy snack, check out this fun video. Racing the clock to see if packing snacks can be done in under a minute.The snack packing Read More »»

Caramel Corn Recipe, A Tasty Fall Treat

When I think of fall a few things come to mind and one of them is caramel. I have always associated caramel with fall more than any other season. Maybe it's because we go to the fair and are surrounded by caramel apples. Regardless, fall makes me think of caramel. So, today, I wanted to share this Read More »»

30 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween is approaching, in just two weeks little ghouls, princess, and whatever other kind of costumes there are will be having fun getting candy. It's no shock I love to back so I decided I wanted to take some recipes from bloggers all over and do a halloween recipe round up. So today, I bring Read More »»

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With IMUSA and McCormick

Products and giveaway have been provided at no cost for posting purposes. Views expressed are the honest thoughts of the author. Did you know September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage month? Why not celebrate it with some festive products from IMUSA and McCormick?  I received a package to Read More »»

Tyson Chicken Fries With Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce #ChickenFryTime

With summer here, we spend a lot of time on the go, but on the go can get expensive if you are eating out.  As a family who lives close to the beach, we love to head out early and stay til a few hours after lunch. While we live close enough to go home and eat, we don't want to risk is losing that Read More »»

Perfect Beach Day PB&J #PBJYourWay

As long as I can remember I have loved PB&J sandwiches...yes even as an adult I find myself partaking in them occasionally. The last few weeks we have put a twist on our PB&J...nothing big but a little something that makes this mom's wallet a little happier. Check out the video to get a Read More »»

Southwestern Chipotle Salsa & Del Monte Prize Pack Giveaway

Today is Superbowl Sunday which means out come the dips and finger foods.   Each year I make some kind of dip and this year is no different.   I decided to go with my famous salsa recipe but change out the regular Del Monte diced tomatoes with a little something different.  For a little different Read More »»

Peanut Butter Caramel Corn Recipe

Today (January 19) is nation popcorn day, why not celebrate with this Peanut Butter Caramel Corn Recipe! There is nothing like some tasty snacks and popcorn is one of those snacks we always have on hand in our house.  I love it salty, I love it sweet and if I can get that in a little bit of a Read More »»

Fun Halloween Treats To Eat #Frankenweenie #Halloween

There are two fun things happening in October...Halloween but before that is the premiere of Frankenweenie! In 6 days from now, Frankenweenie will hit theaters. To celebrate both check out these fun and spooky treats. Batty Cupcakes: Funny Bones: Pizza Mummies: Salty Bones: Sweet Read More »»

Simple Bruschetta Recipe, It’s A Hit In My Home #KingsHawaiian

I am half Italian and you can usually tell it with my love for carbs, pasta sauce, and so many other Italian dishes.  Today I want to share with you one of my favorite snacks that is probably one of the easiest things outside of grabbing a bag of chips....Bruschetta.  I headed to the store to pick Read More »»

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