Caramel Fun: Turtle Style & Butterfinger Style Caramel Apples

Recently the kids and I made some yummy, outside of the normal toppings, caramel apples. I loved the simplicity of these and to be completely honest, they were divine. Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Salsa 101

Now I never claimed to be Betty Crocker, though I will say I can make some pretty tasty cupcakes...then again anything with frosting on it is bound to taste good right? However I will brag on a skill only I have, that's right no one else has this skill. Okay so that's pushing it but I can make a mean salsa. Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

I haven't share recipes in a few weeks so I thought this morning I would share a mushroom appetizer I love.  Whenever I go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden I ALWAYS get the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer.  So delicious!  Well I wanted to be able to make some mushroom appetizers at home so I started looking through my cookbooks a while back and found some that I loved in The Taste of Home Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Salsa, Salad & Margarita’s

Well hello from Florida!  I am enjoying time with my friends, family and the beach of course here in Florida.  I thought since I am on vacation I would share some "vacation" recipes.  What makes a vacation recipe, just a dish that screams "escape" to me or tropical.  So I have salsa, salad and a margarita recipe for you today!  They are yummo and pretty healthy for you too so get to cooking Read More »»