Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke: But For Implants I Guess It Can Be!

WOW, I am almost speechless...ALMOST, not completely! I have quite a bit I would love to say to Trista Joy Lathern who faked breast cancer  and got implants out of it.   Excuse my bluntness, because this is a subject that is very dear to my heart,  but What the HELL!! According to this post on Read More »»

Open Letter to My Laundry Machines

Dear Stackable Washer/Dryer Combo and Regular Washer, I was very disappointed when we moved into our house the way our laundry area is I could no longer use use my 15 year old stackable machine alone because of the setup.  However all was well as we had a loaner washer from the 70's that the Read More »»

ER Trip Woes: Never Again I Tell You

Yes, Emergency Room woes is the subject of my post today. Why you ask? Because I am annoyed at our local ER. Wait time was terrible and there was no John Stamos to look at so it made for one unhappy me.The back story. All was a normal day in the TPat household. Hubby returned from work and I say Read More »»

Fair Warning I am Complaining In This Post, Because Well I am Annoyed

I have tried to refrain from voicing my opinion on this but I just can't not say what I am thinking. This lady just pisses me off to no end!!!  And the doctor oh my gosh don't even get me started on the doctor, whom I very openly will say should have his license revoked.The more I hear about Nadya Read More »»

What the????? and Thankful Thursday..

Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! So today reality hit me and well bluntly speaking, I am a disgusting piece of poo! I have let my cute little body go from toned and dainty to dun lapped (over my pants) and love handle hell. I have helped it along quite nicely with every little Debbie white cake I have eaten Read More »»

Thankful Thursday

I decided I liked my what I am annoyed about contradicted with what I am thankful for post last week so I am doing another one this week. So here we go:I get annoyed at bloggers that only blog to get better numbers and yet thankful for them because well frankly I have lots of chances to win Read More »»

Thankful Thursday and what I am annoyed about

Well I wasn't going to post today because well frankly I am exhausted from work and am in a bit of an annoyed mood. Then I thought well Toni why don't you just turn that frown upside down and list some things you are thankful for. Man that Toni has some great ideas. However it's good to express Read More »»

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