8 Year Old Gets Botox!!!!!!!!!!!! Moms Do It For Pageants

I am almost speechless. And that is precisely how I feel, the look on my face says it all when I watched this video: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! If a child needs it for nerve/muscle conditions that is one thing but for a child with no medical need for this getting botox is angering! I have always been Read More »»

A Song for The Season: Where’s The Line To See Jesus

I came across this song a few days ago and still today after hearing it several times it has brought me to tears. It's such a touching song and truly the reason for Christmas. It's the meaning behind the holiday. Yes, it's fun with family and presents but Christ being born is the real reason we Read More »»

I’m In Florida & You’re Not!

AREN'T YOU JEALOUS. No worries though, when we move back this summer you can all come to my house and party for vacations woot!!! So we made it down, with stopping to tinkle, eat, etc. The usual 12 hour drive took about 14. Yes I was exhausted that night. We met up with my family at Xaxby's Read More »»

Cyber-Bullying IS NOT OKAY, Threatening others Is NOT OKAY

I recently saw a post making fun of a minor for being overweight with the minors picture and thought what if that were my daughter, I would be livid, the face was not blacked out or anything  The post should not have included the minor and at the very least should have had the faces blacked out. Read More »»

Can You Taste The Fiber? Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks Review

Thanks to Mom Central I recently had the chance to review the New Apple Jacks and Froot Loops.  What's new about them?  The new Froot Loops and Apple Jacks now have fiber.  I was also sent one box of Froot Loops without fiber to compare.  Now I will tell you my findings on taste in just a bit. Read More »»

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Review

If you know me, you know I am a coffee lover. When I was contacted and asked if I would like to review the new Nescafe Single Serve Packets, I will admit I hesitated. After all, nothing can beat real coffee, instant did not have a good reputation in my mind and for no other reason than it was Read More »»

Clorox Toilet Wand Review & Giveaway ~ 3 Winners (10/26)

As a mom, I have had Clorox in my life well, since I was  child.  For washing clothes, getting stains out, disinfecting Clorox has been a staple in my household all my life.  I am here to share with you one of the products I love most from Clorox, the toilet wand. I am not very into bathroom Read More »»

Aloha Friday #19

Happy Friday everyone, as you know when Friday comes it's time to take it easy and what better way to take it easy in the blog world than to simply ask a question.  Kai~Lani from An Island Life started this weekly ritual that keeps it simple and I for one love it. Today my question is: If Read More »»

Open Letter to My Laundry Machines

Dear Stackable Washer/Dryer Combo and Regular Washer, I was very disappointed when we moved into our house the way our laundry area is I could no longer use use my 15 year old stackable machine alone because of the setup.  However all was well as we had a loaner washer from the 70's that the Read More »»

New Contest Linky Coming to A Daily Dose

You have seen them all over the blogosphere and so I thought why not put one here as well.  So every Thursday (starting tomorrow)head over here and look for the "A Weekly Dose of Giveaways" once weekly Linky and link up your current giveaway. The rules are simple: I will put up a linky each Read More »»