Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke: But For Implants I Guess It Can Be!

ImplantsWOW, I am almost speechless…ALMOST, not completely! I have quite a bit I would love to say to Trista Joy Lathern who faked breast cancer  and got implants out of it.   Excuse my bluntness, because this is a subject that is very dear to my heart,  but What the HELL!!

According to this post on MSNBC, it all started with her wanting to “save” her marriage.  Her and her husband had been having problems so she thought telling him she had “cancer” would  bring them closer together.  Again I will revert to my previous blunt statement!

After an all day fundraiser, because she “didn’t have insurance” , she raised an estimated $10,000.   $6800 of which went to breast implants to bring attention to herself in hopes of saving her marriage!


She also kept the charade going by shaving her head because the “chemo treatment made it fall out”.  The wonderful people in her community, touched by her story, raised the money to help someone in need which speaks volumes of those wonderful people. Unfortunately they all learned they were duped and I am sure many of them will now be hesitant to give to any cause due to one woman’s stupidity.

This story really pushes my button due to the person I am closest to, my mom, as well as my aunt have been diagnosed with breast cancer this time last year.  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU JOKE ABOUT OR FAKE!  Just like any other serious/terminal disease.  What in the world possesses anyone to do that?

I sincerely hope this doesn’t make everyone in that community so leary that they stop giving to real causes but I could understand if they did.  However karma is comical, after her arrest for this she was released on bail and then they found an outstanding warrant for her, for writing a bad check.  So two court dates a coming for this woman, I wonder if they find her guilty on the fraud, or whatever they charge her with for this, if her punishment will be to give back the implants?  Or what will suffice really?

She got the implants after faking cancer to keep her marriage, well that plan blew up right in her face as her husband filed for an annulment and custody of their kids.  Breast Cancer is a serious thing, not a joke or a way to get free money and people who treat it as anything less like this looney obviously have little to no moral character. But until you or someone you love faces it or has a scare of it I guess maybe you just don’t comprehend the seriousness of this disease.  Regardless it’s still not an excuse to be a jerk and pull some stupid crap like this.

People absolutely amaze me with naivety and idiotness (yes i know that’s not a real word).  Faking a serious illness to save your marriage and get a boob job to feel better about yourself….COME ON have a little more self respect than that!

So my question to you is what do you think this woman’s punishment should be?

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  1. 1

    I don’t believe jail time will help in this case.

    In addition to restitution, she should be sentenced to HEAVY volunteer time at cancer facilities.
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Quotable Sunday – Baseball Quotes =-.

    • 2

      I agree I think whatever her jail sentence would have been for fraud she should have to instead serve working in cancer faciities and hospices.

  2. 3

    This is Horrible. I cannot believe some one would fake that.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Christmas giveaway # 3-Monique Chvatal Designs =-.

  3. 5

    She gave herself the worst punishment! She looks like a big A$$ to anyone who reads her story! Job well done!

  4. 7

    I agree volunteer work would be a GREAT punishment. Along with some serious counseling!

  5. 9

    Wow. Wow. This woman is a very sick, very twisted person. I hope she has to pay back every one of those generous, trusting, caring people. I am also glad her husband is going to have custody. Their poor kids. Sheesh. I feel so bad for them.


  6. 11

    I believe Karma will come back even worse for her at one point. And I sure hope to God her husband gets full custody of those kids b/c this mother needs to admitted to the psych ward!

    On another note, I know a woman here in my town who is a survivor of breast cancer, she just finished treatment early this year….and now her marriage is falling apart. So, it could go either way. But to fake it?? She needs to be beaten!
    .-= Miss Blondie´s last blog ..Who Wants a Zhu Zhu Pet?? =-.

  7. 12

    I think that she should be required to send the amount of money she received to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

  8. 13

    WOW!!! She should pay the money back and spend time with cancer patients. But she will be judged when she meets our maker!
    .-= Susan@my2boyz´s last blog ..What the HECK??? =-.

  9. 14

    Unbelievable… I am speechless! Did she really think she’d get away with this?

  10. 15

    God will be the one to give her her punishment. As for now she should have to go home to home to all those people and say she is sorry and donate in thier name money to real cancer patients!! And I hope her boobs pop:)
    .-= Joshlin´s last blog ..Punished! =-.

  11. 16

    I think they should repo her breast implants!
    .-= Stephanie@The Blue Zoo´s last blog ..Quinoa and Black Beans =-.

  12. 17

    I suppose it is a statement regarding the direction humanity is going because this sort of thing does not phase me. Indeed, I expect this sort of thing to happen, become news, and then be up-staged by someone else. It is also a bold statement that a woman thought implants would fix her marriage, because the issues are always deeper than objects and appearance. Ultimately, I just wonder if there is some sort of law that has been broken, and whether or not there will be jail time or psychiatric help!


  13. 18

    Every time I donate to a cause like this I’m afraid I’m getting duped because of people like this. I’ve seen this happen several times. I shouldn’t be outraged anymore, but it always irks me to see this sort of thing.

  14. 19

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