Veteran’s Day Is Approaching, SendCheer With Cheerio’s

I have grown up around military whether through having family & friends join a branch of the military or because of location. I grew up and am now located in a very big military community. Three military bases within a 45 mile radius, with one being less than 10 minutes, military is a big part of my life, whether directly or indirectly.

I have family members who are veterans having served in various branches, friends who are married to military spouses, family members who are still serving, and a brother who in just a short time will be graduating and joining the air force.  The community we live in is so military surrounded it’s hard not to make it a part of your life.   One of the things as Veteran’s Day approaches that I love, is that my younger children’s school makes the school walls into walls of honor.

Each child brings home a paper and a star.  On the paper there is a space where they can either draw or attach a picture of the military member they have chosen.  The military member can be someone they know personally or someone in military history. They tell their branch, title & where they were stationed.  Also, on the same paper they have an area they write why the military person they choose is special to them.

 It never fails, every time I walk down and read all the projects I tear up.  Reading through the words of a child why someone is special to them is so touching.  My son did his the other day and his words were “My papa is special to me because he helped so I could have freedom”  Pausing for a moment while I wipe the tears away yet again.

Whether directly or indirectly, the military, has always had a huge impact on our lives.  We try to make sure every military person we know, knows just how special they are and how thankful we are for them.  Cheerio’s is hoping to bring a smile to military faces with the Cheerio’s sendCheer.  A program they partnered with the USO made to “send cheer” to military families thanking them for everything they do for our county.  Not only that but every cheer card sent between now and November 30,2012, Cheerio’s will donate $1.00 up to $100,00 (having already donated $150,000) to help support military family programs.

This initiative is wonderful in my opinion!  You will have the chance to bring a smile to someone’s face while helping raise money to help the programs that help those who do so very much for our country.  It takes a very brave man or woman to join the military and I think I speak for so many of us when I say Thank You for all you do!  I just hope this little bit of cheer brightens the recipients day!

So does military play a part in your life?  Please share in the comments below!


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    great job! My kids also have a wall of honor up in their classroom. We’re a military family and it means a lot to see programs that support the military! Thanks for sharing!

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