Cyber-Bullying IS NOT OKAY, Threatening others Is NOT OKAY

ahhhhhI recently saw a post making fun of a minor for being overweight with the minors picture and thought what if that were my daughter, I would be livid, the face was not blacked out or anything  The post should not have included the minor and at the very least should have had the faces blacked out. Well it sparked a huge mess in the blog world.

Yes I disagreed with the post but I won’t threaten the poster, it’s not my style, learned a lesson from that a long time ago. I may disagree with a post but I also disagree a lot with what I see people doing to the poster of this article.  While I think the article itself is cyber bullying and have taken measures deemed necessary,  what I do not think is okay are the people threatening, bashing, etc this person.

I will email sponsors and actually have a post brewing that is going to be titled Childhood Obesity: Raising Awareness The Right Way because of the original post.  Signing a petition, letting sponsors (in face it was only Sam’s club b/c I work for the company and I know they would not be okay with that)and raising awareness for a serious subject that was being joked about is how I would rather use my time.  Let the anger I felt be used to do good.   Bashing and threatening someone does absolutely nothing to help a situation,  in fact as I mentioned it only blows up in your face in the end.

And while I am on my rant this whole sides thing is getting ridiculous.   Do I think the way some of these people attack and threaten each other is excusable …NEVER, and no one should be okay with that!   I don’t agree with things both sides have done, the fact that there are even sides to begin with is sad, there shouldn’t be. Unfortunately there are!  And now one side assumes because I don’t jump on the bandwagon of bash the blogger they hate, that I am supporting the side they don’t like and vice versa.  It’s getting tiresome and part of the reason I want to give up something I love on a daily basis.

So just because people are bashing each other am I going to do that?


Deal with the fact that I am not going to publicly bash anyone, I don’t do threats. I absolutely will voice my disdain for a post but that is not threatening another individual, bullying or bashing them.    I can converse with people others don’t like, not everyone is responsible for what one person says.   I know who to be weary of even if people think I don’t.  My guard is always  up, because of situations like this.  I shouldn’t have to have my guard up and be worried about someone thinking I am betraying them by conversing with someone else.  I have 3 BFF’s and only one of them blogs and she is one of the sweetest people out there,  so if you think I am BFF’s with someone you don’t like in the blog world think again.

And I just love the ones who are claiming to be bully free and yet most of their tweets are bullying someone or trying to keep trouble brewing.  Momspark wrote a wonderful post about Cyber Bullying, you all should go over and read it.  You won’t catch me cyber bullying a minor, another blogger, or even a whale for that matter.  And everyone wondered why I quit talking to pretty much everyone for a period of time!  Hiding in my little bloggy hole is looking better and better everyday.

My heart hurts for some of my friends who are also getting put in the middle for no reason at all, it’s not right.

In the end it’s your choice whether or not you read a blog you disagree with or  if you do see something you think is past the point of okay then do something about it quietly, raise awareness in a classy way.  Threatening another person, making up lies to fit your cause, making up twitter accounts or blogs to simply to bash others, none of that is okay!  If you think it is or if you laugh about it simply put you are a sick person with no morals.

Those who are bashing and threatening one person for cyber bullying because of a post are really tainting the cause they want to take a stand against in my honest opinion.  Do something about it the right way, don’t sit there and be a hypocrite and do to them what you are pissed off that they did to someone else.  Now can’t we all just have a great monday and quit bashing others.  Treat thy neighbor as you would want to be treated…anyone remember that verse?  Can we not all try to live by it sheesh.

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    This is the 2nd post on the subject and I’m still in the dark. I’m not sure if I should be glad about it or worried that neither side wants me? Of course, I have no clue who the people are, and what side they’re on. 🙂

    Sorry for all the troubles that are going on and I hope it clears up soon. I was stalked by a competing business a year ago and it was horrendous.

    Thanks for the post, very thoughtful.

    .-= Conmnie´s last blog ..Special Offers – Our Cheapest Prices Ever on Select Costumes and Doll Furniture! =-.

    • 2

      It’s just petty stuff really and even as one who just watches what is going on it makes me mad. People are doing things that are not okay kwim

  2. 3

    AMEN sister! I could have not written a better post myself!
    .-= Susan@my2boyz´s last blog ..On the fourth day of Christmas…….K’nex review =-.

  3. 5

    Cyber Bullying is just plain cowardness!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..#Mamavation Monday: Momentum is found =-.

  4. 7
    Melissa, Multitasking Mama

    It’s like BlogHer all over again….don’t let it get to you. This is not your problem and like you said we just need to all get along. And you better not crawl in a bloggy hole because I would miss you too much <3
    .-= Melissa, Multitasking Mama´s last blog ..Thankful through Trials =-.

    • 8

      AWWW i would miss you too and you are right it’s not my problem, but people just need to stop. They can make a point without being jerks about it and threatening others…sigh why can’t everyone get along like I get along with you, Sara, Jen, and Miranda *and others of course*

  5. 9

    On the occasion that posts are really offensive and a blogger gets called on them, often the response comes … ‘I was just joking. lol’
    and it clearly was not lol funny to many.
    tweeted/posted words have no inflection, no facial or body language, to give people a hint that humor is involved. And they are public, searchable and scrutinized by the masses.

    Bloggers come in all personalities including bullies. Eventually the posts and threads show much more truth about individual bloggers than they ever think the rest of us see.

    Sadly the rush of indignant people to check out the bully’s post is just boosting her site stats which is sad. Keep posting Toni – we love ya

    • 10

      I agree I think the I was just joking is essentially an “Oh crap I po’d a lot of people” way out of it.

      And yes it does increase the stats for sure, so sad. I think people should just deal with it and move on, do something about it in a classy way, but alas the world would be perfect in that case and we all know the world is not perfect.

  6. 11

    this whole thing is beyond disgusting. it’s the ones with the biggest mouths and who think it’s ok to say whatever they want to anyone they want. and suddenly, they are crying about being bullied.
    i wrote a post calling someone out on the bull that she is spewing but decided to keep it private. because she isn’t worth it and i didn’t want the attention going over to that blog.
    over it.
    i’ve never been a bully, in real life or in bloggy life. it’s ugly.
    i don’t like ugly.
    i’ve decided to stick to writing/blogging and staying out of the drama. because it’s enough to make me want to quit blogging. the thing is, i love blogging. i don’t like the drama.
    excellent post.

  7. 12

    I had my fair share of this exact same drama with owning a mommy board for 5 years… It never goes away, there’s always people who hide behind their computer and aren’t the person they are in real life, and some that are exactly like they are in real life.

    I learned my lesson about a year ago, just stay out of the drama, hide in my little hole and just let it scroll down the screen or close the tab that it’s contained in.

    Internet bullies, Internet drama makers are COWARDS, especially with blogs, each blog is personal, while I disagree with the bashing of a teenage girl post that’s not my blog, however if it was my daughter and I found out, then there would be some actions taken. It wasn’t a good judgment posting something like that, but hey not all of us are good at judging what’s exactly right or wrong.

    I find that if you speak up with something you don’t agree with, do it with tact, do it to the person in question and leave it at that, no need to blast the entire world and start other drama, some things are better left between certain parties and left at that.

    Great post!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Eden Fantasys Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!!! =-.

  8. 13

    Thanks for being so honest, and yet not mean-spirited. There is a fine line that I find a lot of people crossing these days. Thanks for being true and yet polite, and for turning your issues with the post into something positive.

  9. 14

    Well Said. I like to keep myself out of the nastiness that can go on in the blogosphere, though I see it every day. It is a true shame that as adults we can’t either get along or at least learn to ignore each other.
    .-= jen´s last blog ..My Fridge Doesn’t Stink! Does Yours?? =-.

  10. 15

    I’m in the dark as to the original post, but even so I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on the bigger issue.

    In the year or so that I’ve been publicly blogging, I’ve come across so many of these types of bullying situations — and, to be honest, I do NOT understand the point. It’s one thing to politely disagree, etc., but to hatefully bash? Yeah — waste of my time and I would think that would be the same for everyone.

    Well written post!

    Following In My Shoes
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Semi-Wordless Wednesday =-.

  11. 16

    I love-y you Toni!!!! MWAHHHHHHHHH!
    .-= Jen Hinton´s last blog ..Out Sick Today =-.

  12. 17

    Oh Wow! I haven’t come across anything like this in my blogging escapades yet and I hope I don’t! Kudos to you for your stance! I also don’t agree w/ cyber bullying or bullying period- 8th grade is over people! Grow Up! Also another reason why I am reluctant to have my real name flashing over the internet! Stalkers, bullies, straight out meanness- not needed, not warranted, no, thank-you! Nice awareness blog!