I Heart Huckabee

I was beyond excited when I was still living in Arkansas and working at Walmart and Mike Huckabee came there for a book signing.  I had the chance to meet him and he is such a kind person. It's no surprise to those who know me, that I am an outright conservative republican.  No if's, and's or but's Read More »»

America Joins Together

NYC celebrates Bin Laden's death, a photo by NYCMarines on Flickr. Come September it will have been TEN years since the horrible 9/11 attacks. With front man Bin Laden #1 terrorist heading up the attacks. At that time I had seen American so united. Over the years it has been on and off of Read More »»

Bullying: When Is It The Parent’s Fault?

Watch the vlog below to hear my thoughts and see what I have to say... So when is a parent to blame? We all (okay not all but most that I know) try to raise kids to treat others how you want to be treated and when they see (me included) their child or know they are treated someone badly, step in. Read More »»

Top Stories (To Me) of 2010

Well it's the final day of 2010, who would have thought we made it this far, I remember everyone freaking out about Y2K!  Usually I do a blog recap of the year but I figure you can all look through my archives this year.  2010 was a year in news where things had me crying, laughing, in shock, angry, Read More »»

Update on Amazon’s Not So Smart Choice

Amazon seems to have gotten the message as they have removed the book I mentioned yesterday.  Sad that it took an outrage of possibly millions and hitting the national news to have them remove it.  Removing it should not have been an option to choose from as it never should have been made Read More »»

SHAME ON YOU AMAZON.COM!! You get the Daily Dose Douche Bag of the Year Award!

I never thought the day would come when I would see myself appalled at Amazon.  I have loved them for buying this and that pretty much anything under the sun you can find there.  Well under the sun should not include somethings.  I am a mother but even before I was a mother I knew the difference Read More »»

Nestle Boycotters Attending Event Sponsored by Nestle?? Color Me Confused

Well Well. It's a new day and a new controversy I might add. As you may or may not recall I had the amazing opportunity to go meet with a company I have used and loved all my life for the Nestle Family Gathering. When myself along with other bloggers from all over the web went to Nestle to say we Read More »»

Angry Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It: The Oil Spill

With the oil continuing to leak in the gulf to say I am Angry doesn't even come close to describing how I feel.  Am I angry ??  ABSOLUTELY! I am angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, pissed off....I could keep going but I am sure you get the drift.  BP has to be one of the most hated companies at this Read More »»

Newspaper Making Light of Oil Spill

On Tuesday  May 4, 2010 while I was in the break room at work I came across a section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  I picked it up to pass the time.  As I turned the page I noticed the inserted comic (I use that word lightly because I find nothing funny about this): Maybe I am a little on Read More »»

Did the Miss USA Photos Go Too Far???

A HUGE RESOUNDING YES!!  In my personal opinion.  If you don't know what I am talking about then you haven't been watching any news stories this morning or reading the news lately.  What are these photos promoting I want to ask myself.  This is Miss USA not Victoria Secret Catalog.  Here are a Read More »»

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