Why I LOVE Twitter Lists

Yes you read that right...I LOVE, the twitter lists. I have seen tweets and heard posts about why it's a bad idea.  Well you won't see this here on my blog or in my tweets because I think they are brilliant. In my opinion there should be nothing offensive about a list, who gives a crap if you Read More »»

Am I Participating In Deeds of Darkness?

Ahh the joys of twitter, where one can find out despite being a Christian you are involved in Satan's works and participating in "Deeds of Darkness" all because you let your kids dress up and get candy.  Yes, folks this is the lovely concept I encountered yesterday on Twitter.  After seeing a Read More »»

OH MY STARS, it’s in my reach! The Nobel Prize That Is

Dear Nobel Prize Committee: I am so excited since I realized that I am now officially in the running to become a nominee. This is a great day in history for me. You see I want to put a stop to war, to get rid of all the nuclear weapons out there, I want to make sure everyone has a home and the Read More »»

Mean People Suck, Just Be Nice

Oh yes, they do. And lately it seems like that could apply to a few people especially the last few weeks. However this post is dedicated to the jerk of a man who was on my flight home from California last week. I was flying from Dallas to Northwest Arkansas and it was full flight. I much prefer Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, is it really that hard to give?

So what are your thoughts? Can people be mature enough and agree to disagree or does it always have to return to bashing and sides? I have noticed the lack of attacks lately in the blog world and have loved the civility we have all had even if we don't all necessarily agree or some may not like Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Obama’s School Speech

Today Obama is addressing schools nationwide and while I read the message and there is not political points made in it, I am still not sure I would be okay with it being shown to my elementary school children without my permission. Here are my thoughts on my children's school decision on how to Read More »»

Anonymous Commentors Love ME

They love to give me pages views because they are always commenting on my posts. Keep them coming I love you for them :). Even I don't visit and comment on the blogs I don't like because I don't want to up their stats that's blogging lesson 101. What am I talking about you ask my fellow Read More »»

Yes, being a stay at home mom, I do have the right to complain about finances

Another never ending debatable topic is the "Should the stay at home parent have a right to complain about money?" My answer to that question is... "Yeah I have every right to complain!" Most people think the stay at home parents should not complain because "they can go to work" if they want more Read More »»

Boob, it’s what’s for dinner (breakfast, lunch and snack too)

I would like to blog about breastfeeding and the reasons why I am such a supporter of it. Yes it's an age old debate between moms. We have breastfeeding nazi's who snub those that formula feed their children. While yes I am a hard core advocate of breastfeeding I think you have to do what is right Read More »»

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