Well now I have just lost a ton of respect for Jim Carrey.  I actually loved the guy before but a few of his latest tweets have kinda pissed me off to be frank.  I am sure you all know of the whole Tiger Woods mess and if like me tired of hearing of it.  Well after Carrey's tweets I am going to Read More »»

The Positive Side of Blogging

I am getting so tired of news sources highlighting the negative side of blogging. Since when did negative become the new hot news story. I guess positive doesn't sell as well which is sad, what does that say about the world in general. So today after seeing this news clip and reading this Read More »»

Raw Emotions: A Rant Post *This Is Your Warning*

As a parent I could not imagine not seeing my children for several days let alone years.  If something kept me from being able to see them for long periods of time  I would be calling them and treasure the times I knew I would get to see them. Also as a child, having parents that love me and help Read More »»

Oh Yes I Did..

Post this on my facebook.... So What??  We all have differing views.  I don't dislike Obama, I just don't like his policies and this HCR is going to end up badly in my personal opinion. But that is all I will say about that.  I am getting lots of responses on the picture of course LOL, quite Read More »»

A Note To Lazy People Who Don’t Read Giveaway Rules

One thing that annoys me more than anything in this world are lazy people who don't like to follow (possibly just because they don't read them) the rules.  If you are going to enter a giveaway here on A Daily Dose of Toni, your best bet is to follow the ONE required entry.  I am seriously debating Read More »»

2009: A Year In Review At A Daily Dose Part 2

As mentioned 2009 was an eventful year here at a Daily Dose, which brings me to the second half of the year.  More posts I think are worth paying attention to from the last year here at my place.  With Blogher, Trips and so much more you definitely will want to check out some of these posts and Read More »»

Cyber-Bullying IS NOT OKAY, Threatening others Is NOT OKAY

I recently saw a post making fun of a minor for being overweight with the minors picture and thought what if that were my daughter, I would be livid, the face was not blacked out or anything  The post should not have included the minor and at the very least should have had the faces blacked out. Read More »»

Update on the Blog Vote Letter

I received an email today from the person and this is what was said: Regarding my message with the subject line “Will you please do me a favor?”… It was not my intent to do anything illegal.  My reason for phrasing things the way that I did was solely to be funny… in hopes that my Read More »»

Blogging Contest Bribery???

Well, sometimes it's best to use a little bit of sense when approaching a blogger with anything right?  We all know bloggers always keep a running list of what to post on their blog.  Well here is the latest scandal to come my way through the contest circuit. I was checking my email when I Read More »»

Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke: But For Implants I Guess It Can Be!

WOW, I am almost speechless...ALMOST, not completely! I have quite a bit I would love to say to Trista Joy Lathern who faked breast cancer  and got implants out of it.   Excuse my bluntness, because this is a subject that is very dear to my heart,  but What the HELL!! According to this post on Read More »»

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