Introducing McKenna, American Girl 2012 Girl of The Year!

I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of McKenna, American Girl's 2012 Girl of the Year. Last week I received two packages in the mail that made me giddy. I am a huge fan of American Girl as is my daughter. I love that you can personalize dolls to look similar to your little girl, you can Read More »»

Christmas Gift Guide 2011. Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Giveaway (12/15)

Congratulations to ShaRonda for winning this giveaway! One of the things my daughter and I like to do around the Christmas holiday is cuddle and watch some "girly" movies. This Christmas will be no different. She doesn't know it yet but we will get to watch a DVD together that she has been asking Read More »»

Recess Memories…Why I Will #RallyForRecess With Danimals

I remember being in elementary and loving the time on the playground. Whether it was running around playing Red Rover or just giggling with my best friends recess was always the time for us. Read More »»

Getting to know my family: Bella’s episode

For this installment of getting to know my family I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Isabella (Bella). I thought I would tell you her birth story, after all she did make the newspaper over it, yep she was famous from the minute she was born! Before I start though here are just a few Read More »»

Lost Hero Series “The Son of Neptune” Set To Release October 4!

I love books that I can enjoy, read and discuss with my kids. Of course as they get older that's a little more difficult but there is one writer who captivates both my oldest son and I enjoy his writing just as much. We could go discuss and talk about for hours what we read. That author is Rick Read More »»

Pageant Parents Vs. Sports Parents

It's no hidden fact pageant parents are viewed as before you get all over me for generalizing I know they aren't all crazy and go to extremes. Today, however, I was sitting at my son's soccer game and a few instances got me to thinking pageant parents aren't the only crazies. Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says Episode 4

My daughter has been cracking me up the last few days and so I figured if I get a laugh so might you. Read More »»

Music To A Mother’s Ears…Bragging In A Blog Post

Well as if I actually NEEDED a reason to brag in a blog post, I am a mom blogger after all, that means bragging comes naturally. Read More »»

Happy New School Year w/ Nestle Family. My Resolution.

We have been in school for almost a month now! After the long summer I know I was sure ready for it, minus the having to get the kids up so early. I think deep down my kids were ready for it too despite their "I don't wanna go back to school". We all know deep down they love it....right?! With back Read More »»

Back To School Giveaway from momAgenda (CLOSED)

Winner: Angela W. Back to school time in my house is probably one of the most frantic times, not necessarily the getting ready for it but all the appointments, meetings, practices, etc. that come with it.  The kids are starting to have sports practice again, parent/teacher meetings, class Read More »»

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