Finding Me Time In My Kid Geared World

I am a mom of 3 wonderful children who I love so much. Most of my time is geared toward their needs, wants and extras. With 3 kids I am pretty sure you can get to the conclusion of that leaves very little time to focus on myself. Read More »»

Who’s Watching You? Role Model Importance

When I see these 3 faces looking at me every day I am constantly reminded that my decisions and actions are not just about me anymore.  Whether they want me to be or not I am my children's role model, how I act and what they see in me is what will be part of the things that play a part in forming Read More »»

Moment Like This Are What Makes Me Smile

That is all! ~Toni~

Bullying: When Is It The Parent’s Fault?

Watch the vlog below to hear my thoughts and see what I have to say... So when is a parent to blame? We all (okay not all but most that I know) try to raise kids to treat others how you want to be treated and when they see (me included) their child or know they are treated someone badly, step in. Read More »»

I Hate My Life, I Wish I Were Dead! Tween Moments!

So as per the usual school day mornings, we are rushing around getting everyone ready.  Surprisingly even though I woke the kids up a little later and they had to leave earlier things are going somewhat smooth.  Cue turning off Spongebob so they actually finish getting ready.  When Spongebob is on I Read More »»

American Express PASS Card: SPECIAL Offer For Daily Dose Readers

We all want out teens to learn responsibility and part of that is financial responsibility.  Thanks to American Express PASS card we can give them that chance to learn while still keeping an eye on things. What is the American Express PASS card? The PASS Card is a reloadable prepaid card parents Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says Episode 3: Thank You Grandma

The week before Christmas my mom, sisters, Bella and myself went to go spend some time with my family in Alabama.  A little background about my family there, they are Italian so cussing is a part of their vocabulary.  I am used to it but Bella isn't so anytime one of them said a "bad word" she would Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says Episode 2

Have I mentioned I love the way little minds work.  They hear things in their own little way.  Well my daughter definitely hears things her own way quite often though the things she hears us say could have been what she heard if that makes sense. We went to her tap & ballet class on Tuesday Read More »»

Things My Daughter Says, Episode 1

My daughter asked me to come eat lunch with her one day last week (I let her pick one day each week for me to do that).  So we set down and were eating and there were 4 other little girls at the table we were at.  They all of course are having their little girl silly conversations and then of Read More »»

Back To School = Peace or Tears?

While most parents were counting down the days until the infamous (or maybe still are counting) first day back to school so they could breathe a collective sigh of rest I wasn't.  Okay who am I kidding, the thought of being kid free for 6.5 hours a day 5 days a week for XX amount of weeks a year, I Read More »»

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