It’s My Blog and I’ll Complain If I Want Too!

So your post title is the disclaimer, if you don't want to hear whining, complaining and pouting you may as well leave now.  I feel the need to vent and since this is my blog I can... Let me begin by saying I AM EXHAUSTED.  I work until 12:30 a.m. 5 nights a week outside of them home.  So I get home between 12:45 and 1:00 depending on how quickly I get out of the store.  If I am so Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Comedy

Let me begin by telling you what a big dummy this blogger is, me, this one right here! I was messing with my code trying to install the code for the numbering comments, well somehow all my widget/sidebar stuff got all screwy and it erased my sitemeter (blogpatrol and statcounter were fine just in a different place) so I went back in there to get the code and to add the visits it had missed and I Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Comedy: Momisms

Hey girls and guys! So my friend Debbie, sent me this book titled Momisms and I have been cracking up reading it. It is written by Cathy Hamilton. I highly suggest going out and buying this cute book. Basically the whole book is full of phrases moms use and give the hidden (or not so hidden meaning) behind them. I thought for an end of the week laugh I would share some of these momisms and Read More »»

Yes, being a stay at home mom, I do have the right to complain about finances

Another never ending debatable topic is the "Should the stay at home parent have a right to complain about money?" My answer to that question is... "Yeah I have every right to complain!" Most people think the stay at home parents should not complain because "they can go to work" if they want more money. Well, I am here to say I think that is absolute crap. It annoys me to no end when I "choose Read More »»