ABC Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas Is Almost Here!

Every year at this time my kids and I all get excited to tune into ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. Always a favorite of ours because there are great movies each night and through the weekends to countdown to Christmas. Kinda like a TV Advent calendar, with each movie you check off a day! Read More »»

P&G Family Movie Night: Game of Your Life Premieres December 2

Once again P&G is bringing another Family Movie Night to us. You all know I am a big fan of the family movies they have. Always with a great lesson to learn, it keeps all the family entertained and this one will be no different. After Tackling The Past and Who Is Simon Miller, I wondered what Read More »»

Color Me Surprised…Okay Not Really. KimK & KrisH Divorcing.

Well I can't say I am shocked. EW has announced that Kim & Kris are no longer the happy prince and princess millions of us saw on their wedding special "Kim's Fairytale Wedding", they are in fact divorcing. A hint of the impending doom set upon their marriage should have been seen by the mere Read More »»

Well Hello McSteamy….It’s Been Much Too Long!

Today is something that has been long awaited by moi. It's the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Read More »»

Movie Talk: Family Movie Night Presents"Tackling The Past"

Walmart and P&G are bringing you another family movie night this Saturday, September 3 at 8/7c on NBC. I have posted before how much I love Walmart and P&G's family movie nights because they are always a family friendly movie with a great message. One for us as a family to watch and enjoy. Read More »»

Things I Have Learned From Big Brother This Season…

This season of Big Brother has been one of craziness and laziness.  Here are some thoughts I have running through my head with the season coming to a close in a few weeks.... Read More »»

Big Brother Is Going to Give Me A Nervous Breakdown

I will start by saying I AM A HUGE BIG BROTHER ADDICT! I have watched since season 2. The Will aka Dr. Evil and Mike Boogie made for an interesting and addicting show. I was hooked. Read More »»

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Commits Suicide

It's another sad ending to a reality television star. Russell Armstrong was the husband to Taylor, we got to see into the luxury lives of the couple (along with others) in the first season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Read More »»

30 Days About Me. Day 3: Favorite Television Show

Well if you haven't realized by now, I love all things entertainment.  This is Day 3 of the "30 Days About Me" blog hop including myself along with quite a few other amazing bloggers from around the blogosphere! Read More »»

When Did Real Housewives (O.C.) Turn Naughty Naughty???!!!

Okay I admit one of my very guilty pleasures is watching most of the Real Housewives shows (Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami).  I don't really care for the New Jersey or Atlanta or D.C.  I am however addicted to OC out of all of them.  Something about watching the girls act a fool in Read More »»

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