EH HEM…. 2 Months From Today!!!!

BON JOVI BABY!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited for this. Got my plan to tackle...err meet him before the concert. This little plan includes getting up and leaving at 4 a.m. to sit and wait for him outside the Concert Center. I promise you this I will get some good pictures of him Read More »»

Scrapbook Saturday 11/22/2008

Today's Scrapbook Saturday is an ode to Edward. Yes I went and Saw Twilight and yes I think Edward is even more irresistable now, as if that were even possible right! So to the fictional character that makes teeny boppers and moms swoon alike: Read More »»

Now it’s my turn, what celebrities do you resemble?

Here are the top celebrities I match (yes this is with my blonde hair b/c my dark hair wouldnt' work the picture has to be fully frontal): And here is my celebrity morph (one can dream right) LOL, this site is so cool! %1 Read More »»