Wordless Wednesday: Famous Friends *cough*

Along with Jamie Foxx, Mike Huckabee, the cute chef that won Top Chef Vegas and a few others these are some of my new BFF's. Okay so they are celebrities that I have had random run ins with or met at events over the last year since June 2009. It's been so much fun to meet those pictured and the Read More »»

Well Hmm, My Celeb Look A Likes

I am flattered, there are some hot celebs on there huh. Wonder how I could use this to my advantage bwahahaha. Oh and here is my husbands look alikes tee hee: Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Why Yes Bon Jovi Was Singing To Me

It's hard being his favorite you know *snicker*. Tell me this man has not just gotten better with age! Richie Sambora is pretty hot to, but I swoon over this man more often than I should, just ask my husband. Happy Wordless Wednesday, link up your posts below: Read More »»

Only a REAL Fan Gets Up This Early

Actually to be precise I was up at 3:15 a.m. getting ready and will be leaving at 4:00 a.m. to see BON JOVI!  SO EXCITED!  Keep a watch for a post later.  My friend, Jesi and myself are going up 13.5 hours before the concert actually starts in hopes of meeting Bon Jovi.  Let's hope this isn't Read More »»


Well now I have just lost a ton of respect for Jim Carrey.  I actually loved the guy before but a few of his latest tweets have kinda pissed me off to be frank.  I am sure you all know of the whole Tiger Woods mess and if like me tired of hearing of it.  Well after Carrey's tweets I am going to Read More »»

Where Will I Be In Two Weeks? At Bon Jovi

Well Hello there this Tuesday Morning. I know you have missed "talking" with me so here in another Talking With Toni segment, otherwise known as rambling on about whatever I want, I am sharing with you some BIG NEWS that is happening in 2 week. What is this big news you ask? Well a proper lady Read More »»

This Week on The View: Joy’s Month In Review

We are headed into week 4 of The View Mom Ambassador group and this week is going to be another favorite of mine (second to Robert Pattinson of course).  Lot's of exciting guests as usual and today is HOT TOPIC day so what better way to start of the week. Though admittedly I do get a bit tired of Read More »»

Talking With Toni: Vajazzling…A Disco Down Where???

Well now I don't do a lot of va jay jay or hoo hah talk on my blog because how in the world can you go about being classy when blabbing about Va Jay Jay's. Well today I couldn't help but confront the body part that seems to be all the rage and all the sparkles I might add. Today in Talking With Read More »»

Coming Up This Week On The View, Who Makes Me Swoon? #TheViewMoms

Last week was such a fun week on the view, or a bit crazy would be the better description at least he day "Octomom" was there. OMGeee that laugh I still hear it in my nightmares.  Moving on.... I have to say the show on infertility was very informative to watch.  I did feel bad for Juliana Read More »»

Take A Little Time To Enjoy The View: I Am A View Mom Ambassador

Well Hello from one of the new ladies of The View...Mom Ambassadors that is.  I know I know you got super excited thinking I was going to be on the View as one of the New co hosts, but that excitement is still well deserved as I am one of The View Mom Brand Ambassadors.  A select group of moms Read More »»