Rock of Ages Red Carpet Live Stream

Starting at 8:45 eastern time tonight you can catch the Rock Of Ages red carpet live stream with performances by Def Leppard and Poison. Check what you should see tonight during the event: WHAT: On Friday, June 8th, event production and live streaming company, NowLive together with Warner Bros. Read More »»

I Obviously Inspired Justin Timberlake With My Mad Rapping Skills

Okay so a few years ago I was part of a mom's forum and we had our on American Idol contest.  Now I will be the first to say I can't carry a tune but I entered anyways because I am all for making a fool of myself.  Heck my kids got so used to it they would run around in their underwear paying me no Read More »»

Whitney Houston, Another Music Icon Gone Too Soon

Probably one of the most iconic performers in my young years along with Michael Jackson was Whitney Houston. Today the music world has suffered another loss. I got the AP update on my phone and my heart just dropped at the news of Whitney Houston's death, and yes yours truly here teared up. With Read More »»

Marvel Avengers Twitter Chat TODAY (1/31)

Where: Twitter. Don't forget to follow @MarvelAvengers What: Marvel Avengers Twitter Chat. Who: Join Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Director Joss Whedon! When: 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT! Why: You get to chat with some of the stars from the Read More »»

Color Me Surprised…Okay Not Really. KimK & KrisH Divorcing.

Well I can't say I am shocked. EW has announced that Kim & Kris are no longer the happy prince and princess millions of us saw on their wedding special "Kim's Fairytale Wedding", they are in fact divorcing. A hint of the impending doom set upon their marriage should have been seen by the mere Read More »»

Looks To Be A Yummy Weekend At Theaters!

Yesterday (10/7/11), Ides of March & Real Steel officially hit theaters nationwide. Both have the yumminess factor of hot eye candy...Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling & George Clooney. How is a girl to choose? The best part is hubby would willingly go along to watch both of these movies because Read More »»

Top Stories (To Me) of 2010

Well it's the final day of 2010, who would have thought we made it this far, I remember everyone freaking out about Y2K!  Usually I do a blog recap of the year but I figure you can all look through my archives this year.  2010 was a year in news where things had me crying, laughing, in shock, angry, Read More »»

Due Date Red Carpet Premiere Pictures, Montage Style

We all remember the post I did a few days ago talking about getting to attend the red carpet premiere of Due Date, right? It definitely was one of the best nights I have had. One of those things you will remember as a wonderful and fun memory. I mean really going to a movie premiere, starring Robert Read More »»

Due Date Red Carpet Premiere: Living The Celeb Life!

Okay so let's just pretend that I am a celeb who was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Due Date, starring Robert Downy Jr. & Zach Galifianakis.  Now let's imagine that being reality, because IT WAS.  Okay so maybe the world doesn't know I am a celebrity yet but I did get to head to Read More »»

Entertainment Talk: The Going Ons With Reality TV

You may (or may not if this is your first time) know I am a BIG reality television fan. Now I know it's not reality really I mean the editing alone makes it unreal but it's still fun to watch. Rock of Love, American Idol, Big Brother, you name it I probably watch it. So here is some reality tv Read More »»