Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” World Premiere: Walking The Green Carpet

It all began with an email inviting me to the world premiere of Disney/Pixar’s movie, Brave. To go or not to go that was the question. Oh who am I kidding, of course I was going to go. Getting to see a movie my family has been excited over for months, rubbing elbows with the people behind it, and getting to dress up, what more could this girl want! Wait I have to dress up, that means I have to decide what to wear. After making the decision to attend the event my thoughts turned to clothes. What would be fitting to wear to the world premiere of a movie. A choice had to be made…

Black Dresses

Unfortunately I could not make a choice so into my suitcase two dresses went and I headed out to LA. I already shared my review of Brave after screening it the first night there but the atmosphere at the world premiere made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time all over again. After a day full of interviews with the director, producer and voice talents of Brave I was worn out and needed a little down time before heading to the premiere so off to my room I went. I relaxed, ate a bit (it would be very embarrassing to pass out on the red, err green, carpet from not eating), and picked the dress I would wear.

Before I knew it, it was time to head down to the lobby and meet up with the other attendees, which of course meant photo time!!  Then we headed to the world premiere of Brave, at the new Dolby Theater (formerly known as The Kodak Theater). Before we made it into the theater we got to experience walking the carpet alongside the celebrities. It was such a surreal experience and one I will hold onto for life. I saw Kevin McKidd (again), the director and producer of Brave, along with so many Disney show stars my kids may have passed out had they been there.   In fact I ran into Skai Jackson, Zuri from Jessie, and just knew I had to take a photo with her for my daughter. There was so much to take in from the bagpipe players to the celebrities and the atmosphere to the set up it was just amazing.

Check out some photos from the premiere green carpet:

Brave World Premiere

After we made it inside we headed down to our seats in the Dolby Theater, by the way did you know this is where the Academy Awards are held each year. Yes, I was sitting right where Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfiffer or someone of that level of coolness set. You know how they always put the coolest of cool in the first few rows, well that’s right where I was, row B on the end seat, where they put the most famous so you see them when the camera pans the room. In fact, Bella Thorne, from Disney’s Shake it Up was right across the aisle from in in her rows end seat. I told you it was where they sat the cool kids.

The lights dimmed and it was time to enjoy the movie that I had already fallen in love with. It was just as good this time around as it was when I screened it at Disney. I can’t say enough about the message in this movie being one I hope my daughter (and sons for that matter) learns.  The world premiere of Brave was wonderful from the moment we stepped onto the green carpet until the end of the after party, oh wait did you want to know about that too? Guess you’ll have to watch for the post about the after party, which is coming soon!

Don’t forget to keep up with all things Brave on their website, check out Brave on Facebook and follow@DisneyPixar on twitter for all the latest happenings.  It opens today so head out and see it in theaters, even the crowds are worth dealing with for this one folks.

Disclosure: Disney/Pixar are sponsoring my travel, accommodations and activities during the #BraveCarsLandEvent in June. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

*Non-watermarked photos provided to me courtesy of Disney with permission to use. All watermarked photos are my personal property. Photos on this blog can not be used by another source without permission.

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    Toni you looked fantastic at the premiere! I’m so glad I got to experience this with you, it’s something I will never forget. 🙂

    • 2

      Right back at you. I am so glad you were my buddy on this trip. Everyone there was so amazing and I am so thankful to have gotten to experience it alongside such great people

  2. 3

    I love the beautiful castle display they created on the “green” carpet! You looked beautiful!

  3. 4

    You look beautiful! It looks like you had a blast!

  4. 5

    Green carpet? Love it! And you look smokin’.

  5. 6

    Love both dress choices and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I see Molly Ringwald in your photos and others from her current show Secret Life of the American Teenager, cool!

  6. 7

    I just love how they made a green carpet!! You look beautiful!!

  7. 8

    What a great night it was!

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    You look AWESOME!

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    That is so awesome! You looked great!

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    Wow you looked smashing!

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