Words Do More Than Just Hurt, They Can Kill


Every day I read something new about someone, child or adult, being bullied. The latest story, I have read and sobbed over, was that of Daniel Fitzpatrick. A 13-year old boy who committed suicide, just two weeks before he would have turned 14, after being bullied by classmates. Read the letter he wrote here. The more and more I read of this story, the more my heart broke for not just this boy but every person who has endured bullying. It makes me wonder “How has the world come to this?”.

We think, so often, that words don’t do much, after all, they are just words, right? Oh, how wrong you are! We believe actions are what do physical harm, but if we are honest, that’s not the case at all. Words can do just as much physical harm to someone as if you were punching them repeatedly. The only difference is the hurtful and hateful words that were spoken may cause the recipient to harm themselves, rather than another person doing the physical harm.

As we see all too often, words not only hurt so many people but they are killing people on a daily basis. You may think “I can’t kill someone with my words” but this sweet boy and so many others are proof you can. Words may not be the action of actually physically killing someone with your hands, but the effect is just the same. If your words are hurting someone so much that they take their life to escape the pain they feel, to me, that is just as much fault as literally killing someonew your hands. As I read the letter Daniel wrote, I had tears streaming down my face not just for him but for every person that is being bullied on a daily basis.

Why is this such an epidemic in our society? Why do so many others feel the need to hurt others with their words? Does it make them feel powerful, does it make them forget what they may not like about themselves? How are we, as a society, failing so badly that we have young children and teens taking their lives because action is not being taken by the ones in a position who should be addressing the problems. Addressing the issues and dealing with them, so that a child has a chance to reach their full potential. So that maybe, just maybe a child will feel like they have a reason to keep living rather than a reason to escape the pain.

As I sit here typing this out, I can barely breathe because I can not stop crying for all the Daniel’s of the world. The ones whose lives were cut short because someone didn’t step in, someone didn’t help when they had the chance. It’s time for us to do something about bullying. Too many lives are lost over something that can be prevented. All too often kids go for help and nothing is done, that’s something our society has got to change. Of course, there are times kids won’t speak up, so people in a position of leadership need to watch for signs of bullying.

The world should not be a place where bullies feel safe enough to get away with what they are doing and when I read the horrors are happening, I realize they do feel safe that’s why we have people taking their own lives. No one stepped in and therein lies the problem. It may be easy to think “But no one I know is being hurt (or doing the bullying), so I don’t have a dog in this fight” and that’s where you are wrong. How are you making the world a better place for your future children or grandchildren if you won’t do the right thing? You and I have to do what is right; we have to stand up and say that we will not allow people to hurt others. If we don’t take action, it will only get worse. I don’t want to read another story about a person killing themselves for being bullied, but until we all do our part, I fear I will.

I make sure to tell my kids every day how words truly can cost a life. It says in the bible “The power of life and death is in the tongue”(Proverbs 18:21) and every time I read a story where a child has taken their life due to the words of others, the words used to hurt them, it reminds me how true that is. I tell my kids to remember to use their words for good, that they are to use their words to build others up and never to use words to hurt someone. To always think about what they are saying and make sure it’s something that won’t hurt the feelings of another. To think about the words they say and how it would feel if someone said those words to them.

I’m tired of crying tears over situations like this, because they truly are preventable, but it will take all of us doing what is right! Will you stand with me against bullying! Let’s save lives with our words, not take them!

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