Celebrate National Rum Day (or any Occasion) at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen + GIVEAWAY

Cheddar's Painkiller Drink with Coconut

**This conversation for National Rum Day is brought to you by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. My experience and my opinion is my own.** #NationalRumDay #RumtheRightWay. Please drink responsibly**

Did you know August 16 was National Rum Day? Okay, so I am celebrating a few days late, what can I say, my coaching schedule keeps me pretty busy weeknights, but it’s better late than never I say! Even if it’s a few days late, I am celebrating none-the-less. Myself, my husband and our daughter headed to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen last night to enjoy some time with each other, our boys wanted to stay home this time, which gave us some great bonding time with our girl, over some good food and drinks. We studied the menu for quite some time because everything on it looked amazing.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

First up we put in our drink orders and since we decided to have a belated national rum day celebration I ordered Cheddar’s famous “Painkiller” drink (hubby tried a sip, but as he was our DD he stuck to water the rest of the night). I’ll totally admit I am a wimp when it comes to alcohol. If I can taste it, I don’t like the drink. I thoroughly enjoyed the drink, and it was not too strong tasting for me. When it came out, I thought to myself; this is almost too beautiful to drink…almost!

Cheddar's Painkiller Drink with Coconut

I bet you want to know what’s in Cheddar’s Painkiller? Well, it’s one of the more tasty beverages I’ve had, and it’s going to help you relax after a long day or week! Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen starts off by toasting shredded coconut until it becomes golden and crispy and to use on the glasses rim of The Painkiller. The drink itself consists of a mixture of cream of coconut, pineapple juice and a splash of orange juice, but to turn this from a quality piña colada into a world class Painkiller; they use the legendary Pusser’s rum.

Of course, it’s not all about the drinks, even though that was the reason Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen invited us in, but it’s about the food too. And let me tell you, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen menu does not disappoint. Because we wanted to see really what they had to offer we ordered the Cheddar’s Fries appetizer, which is a pile of fries topped generously with cheese and bacon pieces and a side of ranch. Our meals were so filling we couldn’t even finish them, but every bite we took was full of flavor. My husband got the steak and rib with a side of red beans and rice and steamed broccoli. I got the blackened redfish with crab sauce over rice, a side salad, baked potato, and broccoli and cheese casserole. My daughter got the chicken tenders (buffalo style) with a side of fries and mashed potatoes with gravy. All three of us enjoyed our meals (and each other) immensely. Check out of delicious food:

Food At Cheddar's

The service at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen was top notch. Our waiter was so attentive, and we weren’t left needing anything at all during our meal. He was quick to get everything out and to check in on us often making sure drinks were filled and to see if we needed anything. I was truly impressed with our experience from start to finish!

While National Rum Day may have passed, you can celebrate it anytime with Cheddar’s Painkiller drink. Visit your local Cheddar’s to try the Painkiller and see what all the fuss is about. For more information on Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, including details on joining the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen team, purchasing gift cards for special occasions, or signing up for the eClub to receive exclusive information and promotions, visit

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Gift Card Giveaway

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    We love Cheddars! Haven’t been there in a while because the wair is usually so long here, but the food is fantastic and always consistent!

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    I would take my two daughters with me ,food looks awesome,we all can enjoy the food n me and my older daughter could try the pain killer I love rum and pins colada s!!my 16 yr old loves virgin pins colada she’s like me loves coconut and pineapples she eats a lot of fruit!Thank you for the chance!!!

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