U By Kotex Tween Ambassador Wrap-Up #KotexMoms

Over the last, almost six months, I have had the pleasure of being one of the U by Kotex Tween Mom Ambassadors. Throughout the program I have shared tips, stories and much more on how to prepare yourself and your tween/teen as she enters into womanhood. As a mom of a 7 year old, I know the years Read More »»

Being Prepared For The Emotions…And Other Things #KotexMom

The smile is one that can be seen more often than not on my little girl. She has her ups and downs now but it's usually because she isn't getting her way. In a few years, her ups and downs, will be because of other reasons. One being the hormonal ups and downs that come with having a period. Thanks Read More »»

Being Prepared For Back To School #KotexMom

Back to school is such a big time for all kids.  They get excited about the changes a new school year can bring.  There is anticipation about which teacher they will have and who will be in their class.  Being prepared for back to school is important for both parent and kids alike.   Getting school Read More »»

Mother/Daughter Moments #KotexMom

That's my baby girl who some days seems like she is going on 18 year old. Okay so she is only 7 but she is one of 3 little people that make me so happy I have been blessed enough to be a mom. One of my favorite things about being a mom are the memories I make with my children. Whether it's watching Read More »»

When It’s Time For The Talk With Your Daughter #KotexMom

You know the one, where we talk to our daughters about the changes that come as they get older. As a parent it's hard to approach the subject, because we want our kids to stay little forever. So when they get older, I admit, it kind of weirds me out having to talk to them about growing up and all Read More »»

I’m A Mom Ambassador For U By Kotex Tween #KotexMom

I am thrilled to announce I am an, U by Kotex Tween Mom Ambassador, for the next 6 months. I have 3 wonderful children, 2 boys and then the little girl who tries her best to run the house. I remember thinking about her growing up.  There are a lot of changes a girl has to go through. The hormones, Read More »»

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