EXCLUSIVE Set Visit & Interview with Property Master Russell Bobbitt on Captain America’s Shield #CaptainAmerica

When I went to Iron Man 3, I had the AWESOME, okay way beyond awesome, oppourtunity to go on set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while they were filming. I have no words, honestly...okay that's a lie, I have a lot of words! It was amazing to see Chris Evans (and the other stars, who I can't Read More »»

EXCLUSIVE: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer and My BIG Secret!

Check out the new poster for the upcoming 2014 release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier How awesome is that poster!!!  I am so excited for this to come out next year, but that's not all!!! Let's say one has the chance to go on set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Let's also say that Read More »»

Take In A Movie At El Capitan Theater In LA #IronMan3Event #ElCapitan

You might recall I attended the Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere at the El Capitan theater.  But did you know it's not just for premieres, you can take in a movie at El Capitan anytime you like (well as long as they are open).  During my whirlwind trip to LA, the day after the premiere, we had a Read More »»

Make Some Memories At Disney’s Soda Fountain #IronMan3Event

Disney's Soda Fountain is a Hollywood hotspot and the place to stop if you want to go back in time a little. The staff is dressed to the T in 50's era uniforms. You walk in and see the what looks like an old fashion ice cream parlor. Seriously, I have always said I wanted to live in the 50's and Read More »»

Iron Man 3 Review, The Best One Yet! #IronMan3Event

If you are wondering if I would go see Iron Man 3 again even though I saw it at the red carpet premiere, the answer is HECK YEAH!!!! In my opinion, this is the best in the Iron Man series! The movie is out nationwide TODAY (May 3, 2013).   It actually opened in some theaters here last night at 9. If Read More »»

Talking With Gwyneth Paltrow About Iron Man 3 #IronMan3Event

Part of my whirlwind trip to LA, to cover the Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere, was getting to interview a few of the cast members.  One such memeber was Gwyneth Paltrow AKA Pepper Potts.  In the movie I admire her character and I have always loved the movies she is in.  To say I was nervous in an Read More »»

Iron Man 3 Red Carpet Premiere At El Capitan In Hollywood #IronMan3Event

I must have seriously woken up from what my be the best dream of my life, because things like this just don't happen to me.  I am a movie loving, secret rapping, half Italian mom who lives on the Florida gulf coast.  Walking the red carpet with some of the biggest stars, for one of the most amazing Read More »»

Did Someone Say Iron Man 3 Legos!!! #IronMan3Event

Check out the fun (and adorable) Iron Man 3 posters....Lego style! I can see my younger son asking me to find these for his wall.  Which will lead to Iron Man Lego sets and probably every other Iron Man thing there is.  I have to say Tony Stark is still cute in Lego form, I may want some for Read More »»

Iron Man 3 Premiere Guest List, See Who’s Going #IronMan3Event

Say hello to my know, the ones I will be attending the premiere of Iron Man 3 with next week in LA! Who's going to be there? Well here is who I know has confirmed so far: FROM THE FILM: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sir Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Jon Read More »»

Jumping A Plane To LA !! #IronMan3Event {Travel}

I have some super exciting news to share with you. Fo on, watch the video to find out, I'll wait.... EEEEKS. Okay aside from the mad and awesome skills I just showcased (just agree with me, it makes me feel good), I am THRILLED to announce I will be headed to LA April 23-25 to walk the red Read More »»

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