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Gwyneth Paltrow

Part of my whirlwind trip to LA, to cover the Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere, was getting to interview a few of the cast members.  One such memeber was Gwyneth Paltrow AKA Pepper Potts.  In the movie I admire her character and I have always loved the movies she is in.  To say I was nervous in an understatement.  I had full on butterflies, with a side of anxiety, as I waited for her to arrive.  Once she came in the room I immediately noticed…it’s not airbrushing in those magazines, she truly is STUNNING.

Speaking of her being stunning, having just been chosen as People’s Magazine Most Beautiful Woman, we wanted to know how she felt about that.  This is what she had to say:

Steven, has been my publicist since I was nineteen years old, and he sent me the email.  I thought it was a typo. I reread it three times. Then I got this really weird feeling that my school bully was somehow playing a trick on me (laughs). Steven was like, yes, it’s true. I was beyond, surprised! I was very flattered. I still kinda can’t believe it (LAUGS). It’s really cool

In the movie, which you will soon see, Gwyneth puts on the suit.  As an Iron Man fan I thought this to be pretty cool (and was secretly a little jealous).  Seriously who wouldn’t want to wear the Iron Man sui?  Was it as fun to Gwyneth as I imagined it would be to me?

I love putting on the suit. I’ve never done anything like that in my whole career, and my son was on set. I’ll never forget it; I walk out onto the set and was fully dressed in the suit. In the last probably year and a half, he watched the first Iron Man, Avengers, and everything, so I’ll never forget his face when I came out in the suit. He was in shock and awe. It was so cool and now I have a Lego in the set- there’s a Pepper in it, so I am like a goddess. So fun

Fashion is a topic we love to discuss here at A Daily Dose.  So why not talk a little bit of fashion when it comes to the suit.  Gwyneth had a personal preference when it came to the colors she would want the suit if she were the one wearing it full time!  What do you think her choice would be?  Find out if you were right:

Silver and white. My favorite colors.

In the movie, Pepper is a woman of strength.  She is the president of Stark Industries, which we knew  from movies past.  In the newest movie, her strength is taken to a whole new level.  How did Gwyneth feel playing such a strong woman (of course I venture to say Gwyneth, herself, is a very strong woman).

I loved it so much. I was like come on guys. All these boys are flying around doing all this fun stuff. I loved how patient, kind and sweet Pepper is, but when I read this script, I was like, “Oh Yeah!”.  She’s in the suit and flying around.  I loved doing the stunts. I had never done anything like that before and it was really fun. I felt like I should’ve been doing this the whole time!

Being that she loved getting to have some action scenes in Iron Man 3, can we hope to see her in future action movies??

I would actually really like to, but wonder am I old now to start being in action movies, [LAUGHS]. Everyone has been very sweet about Pepper in this movie.  All the journalists who came in were like, oh my God, you have to have your own movie.  Because in the comics, Pepper gets her own suit, and she becomes a character called Rescue. So they were like we need a Rescue movie.  I guess I’d better hit the gym.

For the record, I definitely say she is not too old and I would go see any move that starred her as an action hero. Our interview with Gwyneth Paltrow just showed what a down to earth person she was. She was so relatable and really funny and I am so glad I had the opportunity to “pick her brain” on so many things.

Group Gwyneth

Be sure to check out the rest of this interview on Red Carpet Mama and check back here as we go more in depth with Gwyneth about her new cookbook in a few days!  Iron Man 3 hits theaters this Friday, May 3!!

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**Thank you to Disney for covering my travel, food and accommodations. All opinions are my own. Thank you to Crissy for providing the photos of Gwyneth seen in this post!**

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    I think Gwyneth would kick butt in another action film. Being name People’s Most Beautiful Woman at 40 definitely states she is NOT too old!

  2. 2

    She was great on the movie!

  3. 3

    Gotta love that she gets right in there with them this time!

  4. 4

    She was such a hoot wasn’t she?!? I love her…so fun and down to earth.

  5. 5

    Toni- How much do I love those speech bubbles you’re using to emphasize the interviewee’s words? Answer: a LOT! I love the format of this post and I love, love, love reliving this interview!

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    She is lovely.

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    I am so glad to hear her character gets to kick butt too!

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    I was really awesome to see Pepper holding her own in the movie!

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    What a great interview!

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    I still can’t believe that I met Gwyneth Paltrow!

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    I like that you mention airbrushing, you’re so right. It’s refreshing to see someone so down to earth friendly, and truly stunning too.

  12. 12

    I would love to see Gwyneth Paltrow in her own super hero movie! She was so amazing to talk with and a true super hero mom.

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