EXCLUSIVE Set Visit & Interview with Property Master Russell Bobbitt on Captain America’s Shield #CaptainAmerica

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When I went to Iron Man 3, I had the AWESOME, okay way beyond awesome, oppourtunity to go on set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while they were filming. I have no words, honestly…okay that’s a lie, I have a lot of words! It was amazing to see Chris Evans (and the other stars, who I can’t mention until a later date) filming one of the scenes (which I can’t tell you about until later). However, what I can tell you today, is that we got to learn about the famous shield that Captain America is rarely seen without in the movie! I want to share with you all I learned, but first…I have to share with you some eye candy!!


We got to talk with Russell, who I deem the prop master! So, let’s talk about the shield. How did you come up with the making of it?


This shield, is obviously for “Captain America 2”. I’m the first one to establish the look of this thing. In our movie we have four different looks because he goes into different scenarios, different missions. He applies different Marvel materials that help make the shield stealth in different situations. So we have four different styles. In theory in the Marvel lore, there’s one shield.


However, in this movie, we have a couple surprises with the shield. It will appear that there are different shields, but in reality it’s only one shield. So, that one shield I have to make 50 of them to accommodate all the different looks. I have hard rubber, soft rubber, fiberglass and metal. I like to use the metal one, if there’s an insert on it, because it looks the best. This one, that you’re gonna hold and play with it’s the hard rubber one. It’s the next to the best. I’m gonna give you this one because it’s lighter than the heavy metal one.

**STOP!!!!!!!!!!  Did you just read where he said he was going to give me CAPTAIN AMERICA’S SHIELD????!!!! Because he so did, and in that instance I became the coolest mom ever! Why? Because I turned into Ms. Captain America, that’s why!**

captain america's shield

OHMAHGAWD!!!!! Holding the shield, touching Chris Evans bootay….Be jealous, be very jealous…the only thing I am missing is Chris Evans, as a permanent fixture on my arm for premiere purposes only, of course, and a kick butt superhero suit…don’t worry I am totally having one made. I rocked the shield, so you know I know I can rock the suit! Seriously, though, how many people, besides those of us on this trip and movie peeps, can say they held Captain America’s real shield?? Did I mention I was the first in the group too! Total bragging rights…just sayin’


So, we also wanted to know why they needed so many shields! I mean, here I was thinking they had the same one for at least one movie….not the case!

We need so many because we do different scenes and/or shorts. So, if he’s walking around and it’s on his back, I can put a really clean nice heavy one on him. When we photograph them from behind, it looks shiny and new like metal. Then when he takes it off and starts fighting with it, obviously we can’t hit each other with metal shields or the boys won’t be able to play very long. So, I make soft ones to accommodate the fight scenes.

I am still giddy and may possibly read this post a million times so I can look at myself, because I look pretty Kick Butt! Gear up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier which hits theaters April 4. Being the Marvel family that we are, you know we are counting down the days until this is out!!

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    That is so stinkin cool! I can’t wait to see your superhero costume too 😉

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    Love your picture~ this was so cool, a moment that I will always remember, it is crazy how heavy it seems but it was not that heavy!

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    I AM jealous, I so TOTALLY am! Ahhh!

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    what an amazing day!

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    That’s a once in a lifetime experience. No wonder you want to keep re-living it over and over again!

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    That is so cool! Glad you got to experience this!

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    You sure do make a beautiful Ms. Captain America!

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    That was such a fun day!

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