Nutrition Facts on packages confuse me..

I was getting ready to pop some pop corn, Pop Secret to be precise, and I decided to look at the nutrition facts well it has 2 different colums. One for 1 cups (a serving size) of popped popcorn and the other for 2 tbsp (a serving size) of….. UNPOPPED POPCORN! Now that brings me to wonder, who in the world just opens a bag of seeds in condensed butter and decides “hmm this looks great I think this will be my snack today” and then only gets to eat 2 tablespoons of it?

Are there really people like that out there? Please if you are one of those people who eat unpopped popcorn don’t take offense to my blog but please enlighten me as to why in the world you do this?

I can almost gaurantee I will not get my questions answered. So my tip of the day goes out to those popcorn makers…don’t put useless information on the nutrition facts portion of the bag it just takes up space and makes us waste seconds when looking for the nutrition facts that will actually be used.

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    For real? Someone took the time to actually see how much calorie intake the seeds were, lol? Now I’m actually angered that I’ve consumed so many calories from the SEEDS all these years, lol!

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