Yes today I was one of those mothers…

that is burning up from embarassment and you just know that everyone is watching you and thinking you are a bad mom.

Today started off with taking my husband breakfast because I am such a loving and caring wife after all, I mean how many wives (the ones that stay at home) now days will get the kids dressed and themselves dressed and leave the house at 8 a.m. before their first cup of coffee to take their husband breakfast because he slept in and didn’t have time to eat? Yes I did that just for him.

Well after my trip to my husbands work I ran to the Wal-mart in that area to see a friend of mine I had not seen in several months. After visiting for a bit, I picked up my husband some diet Mt. dew and myself National Treasure 2 (I have this infauation with Nicolas Cage). After doing that I run home to relax for a few minutes before changing into my workout clothes to head to p90x class (yes I have this thing my memory forgets the day before that I will be unable to walk for a week after this class, I swear they hypnotize you). I load my kids back in the van, get to the gym, tan, and take the class. After the class I take the kids to the mall as a treat, so they can eat lunch and play.

The minute we walk into JCPenney (which by the way is having an awesome buy one, get one for $0.99 sale right now) my son, Aidan, starts whining for a spiderman shirt (it’s an underwear pj set) that he wanted yesterday but I didn’t have time to get. So me being the loving mother that I am get that and this pink and grey shirt Gabriel wanted. We then head to the food court to eat a peaceful lunch, I have marked this day in history! After lunch we head to the playplace so the kids can run some energy out.

We had been there about 15 minutes when my daughter, Bella, runs out (they really should put a gate at the entrance) and I run after her and let her know that the next time she does that she will be strapped back into her stroller and in timeout. Not even 2 minutes later she walks in front of me with a evil grin and then slowly steps over the edge, knowing she is testing me. I grab her up and of course she starts screaming “I don’t wanna go in time out, I be good” to which I respond “No, mommy already told you if you did that you couldn’t play”

Then it just goes downhill from there, she starts throwing a major tantrum, screaming at the top of her lungs, kicking her legs, and tears streaming down her face. I have to call for Aidan to come get his shoes on so we can go home and he gets upset because he wants to play and is not ready to leave. So, all the way from the playplace, through the mall, to my car I have 2 screaming children in tow and I am getting the looks from everyone. All the way home it was screeching crying and even about an hour after we had been home it was still going on so as you can tell today was a fun day in the Patton household and I hope to never do it again.

But the main thing I wonder is when you are punishing one child for disobeying how is it fair to the other child or children? I mean technically they are having to go through the punishment with the child who did the wrong so what do you say when they say to you “It’s not fair I was being good” and you know they are right? Well if I ever come up with that answer I will be the envy of mothers/father everywhere I guess LOL.

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