The age old debate….

Are 2 pieces bad for toddler girls? In my opinion no, I love little two pieces on my daughter. Like I just bought her a bandeau top boy short bottom bathing suit from old navy that is absolutely adorable and the way people reacted you would have thought I had enrolled her in Hoochies R Us.

To me 2 pieces fit her better, I mean who really gives a crap what kind of swimsuit she has on as long as everything is covered. I have tried every style one piece on her and they either ride up like a thong or if I get the next size up show all her stuff when she sits, is that really better than a 2 piece that shows nothing but belly…I think not.

Sorry that I happen to think when her boobies and butt (along with her female anatomy) are covered and not creeping out or showing when she is sitting down is better. In fact I think I may make a shirt for my daughter that says ” My mom tried to dress me like a hoochie but I wouldn’t wear the one piece swimsuit”

Oh well it’s a debate that will never end I guess, people can look at me just like I look at the moms who allow their children to run around the beach in a one piece that is essentially a thong on their child because “cheeks” are always hanging out. I mean really who is doing their child more of a favor then?

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    Toni- you know that I used to be in the anti-2 piece group. I was so against it! But now that Zoe is totally pottytrained… I find it absolutely exhausting for her to wear a one piece. Like the other day… she got in the pool, and then 1 minute later decided that she had to use the potty. Getting a wet one piece off is a nightmare! So off I went to Gymboree and broke down and bought her THREE 2-piece swimsuits! Life has been much easier since!

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    I totally agree Elisabeth! Bella is finally almost potty trained and I am not gonna fight a swimsuit and risk her peeing in her swimsuit. Not to mention they look cute LOL