Kellie Pickler Talks VeggieTales and Her Role in Beauty and The Beet

If there is one thing that I learned from meeting Kellie Pickler it’s that she has the most upbeat and energetic personality. Last week I got the chance to sit down with Kellie Pickler and chat with her about her first animated role in the newest Veggie Tales movie Beauty and The Beet (due out October 2014).



You can tell from her photos that Kellie Pickler is gorgeous but one thing you may not see is just how sweet and kind she is. Of all the celebrities I have interviewed she was probably one of the sweetest. Her smile is contagious as well and as soon as she walked into the room with the “Hi Y’all” I knew we were in for a treat.



Kellie Pickler was adorable in her outfit but I LOVED her shoes so I took a picture so you could admire them as well!

kellie pickler

Kellie grew up watching VeggieTales and said that her nieces and nephews were beyond excited when they learned that she would be voicing one of the new characters. She plays Mirabelle in the newest VeggieTales hit Beauty and the Beet. You can probably tell by the title, but the movie will go along with the old story of Beauty and the Beast but with the usual VeggieTales spin. The music is fantastic and in fact they are making a soundtrack with Kellie Pickler featuring the songs from the movie. Kellie talked about how it was to voice a character in a VeggieTales movie and admitted that it was a little harder than she thought. She also said that “If you don’t feel silly, you’re probably not doing it right”.



Kellie was so kind to talk with us all and she was genuine in her love of VeggieTales and being apart of something so great for kids. After the interview was over we chatted with her about her tattoos and what she had in store for the future which includes a new album that Kellie is currently in the studio working on.



I had a blast covering the VeggieTales Event in Nashville on behalf of A Daily Dose of Toni. I can’t wait for you all to see Kellie Pickler in the new Beauty and The Beet. Below is a short clip from the movie. Listen to the voices cause you will hear Kellie Pickler and me!

*Veggie Tales and DreamWorks covered Mellisa’s travel and accommodations while in Nashville covering the event on behalf of A Daily Dose of Toni.  All opinions expressed are that of the author.  Be sure to check out Mellisa’s blog Mom Luck

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