Ever Wonder How Capri Sun is Made? #CapriSunMom

Have you ever wondered how Capri Sun is made? It’s a really interesting process and one that I got the chance to take part in last month during the Capri Sun Event. All of the magic behind Capri Sun juice drinks happen at the Tarrytown Factory in New York. Tarrytown is just a short drive from NYC for those of you not familiar with the area.


The magic of Capri Sun juice drinks happen long before those blue boxes hit the shelves. In fact you may be surprised at how much work goes into coming up with these very popular juice drinks. There is a very big staff behind Capri Sun who are responsible for things such as coming up with flavors, testing flavors, making sure that kids and consumers love these flavors and so much more.

The Tarrytown factory is the first step when it comes to creating Capri Sun juice drinks. This factory is small and creates a prototype to be tested before being sent to the larger factory where the actually juice drinks that land in super markets are created. The first step of the process is listening to moms. Capri Sun has done an excellent job of listening to moms and creating products that they want.  Next is brainstorming. Capri Sun takes the ideas and thoughts of parents and creates new flavors and even pouches that will delight both moms and kids.


After coming up with an idea it’s time for the team to test them out. First in the kitchen then to the factory where they will create these new drinks and next to moms that volunteer to test these new drinks out. This process can take months but every step is necessary to create the best juice drink possible. Then after this new flavor or pouch, like the clear bottom pouch, pass every test it’s on to the bigger factory and then the grocery story shelves.

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A Few Fun Facts:
*You could fit 14 million Capri Sun juice pouches in an Olympic swimming pool.
*The diameter of the moon is 992 million times the diameter of a Capri Sun straw.
*In the US alone, Capri Sun fans enjoy almost 5 billion Capri Sun pouches each year. That’s ALOT of juice drinks!
*Capri Sun was created thanks to Capri-Sonne which is a German product created in the 1960s. At that time, the island of Capri was the ultimate symbol of vacation, the Mediterranean and sun-ripened fruits. Giving the fruit-juice beverage a name that merged Capri and sunshine (which is Sonne in German) was the ideal choice.

I am also excited to announce that the Major League Soccer organization just announced a multi-year sponsorship deal with Capri Sun and Kraft Foods. With this new agreement Capri Sun becomes the official juice drink of MLS. Other participating Kraft brands include Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade and Tang, which will activate in stores nationwide.

What’s your favorite Capri Sun Juice Drink?

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* Disclosure: Capri Sun provided travel expenses to New York for this event. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are that of the author*

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    Fun! My kids would love to see them being made. We have the original Krispy Kreme shop in my hometown and I always loved seeing how they were made when I was little.

  2. 2

    Such a cool event, love my son loves Capri Suns!

  3. 3

    My son takes Capri Sun in his lunch box to school every day.

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